Everyone knows that living in New York City isn’t cheap. It’s just the price we pay to live in one of the best cities in the world.

Unfortunately, we sometimes put our comfort on the line for the sheer fact that living in a 500 square foot apartment is sweeter to our wallets.

We opt to keep our beds in the living room and throw out the idea of ever having a formal dining space.

Instead of just settling for less when it comes to the amount of room in our apartment, it’s time to change the way we use the room we already have.

Resource Furniture, founded in 2000 by Ron Barth and Steve Spett, offers furniture options that not only save space, but completely reinvent the way you will use your available apartment space.

As the exclusive North American distributor of Clei, Resource Furniture goes much further than just hiding your bed in a bookshelf.

All their pieces of transforming furniture – including beds, desks, tables, and chairs — are convenient and easy to use.

Since these are unique and carefully crafted pieces, it’s obvious that the price wouldn’t lean towards the bargain end.
However, these open up a wider range of options if you’re searching for a new apartment.
Instead of giving up an arm and leg for a real 3-bedroom, you could consider looking into Convertible 3-bedrooms.

Functional furniture like this isn’t cheap, but you have to remind yourself that it’s a one-time purchase.
In the long-run, the money that you spend would save you a bundle with your monthly rent or mortgage payments.

It’s no secret that everybody would like to make their small rooms look bigger – bringing in functional furniture is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

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