Congratulations graduates! You’re moving to NYC but have no idea where to start. Lucky for you we have put together a comprehensive checklist which covers the ins and outs of the moving process along with commonly missed items.

What you’ll find:

  • Setting your expectations
  • Getting to know your home
  • Avoiding a rental scam

Renting an apartment is much more than the search (or ‘hunt’ as we call it) and the application itself. It takes a lot of preparation and dedication to finding the perfect apartment that meets your needs.  Having said that, our checklist covers not only what you should do before you dive into the search, but also how imperative it is to know exactly what you want and what you are going to get with what you can afford.

In order to better familiarize yourself with the renting process from start to finish, we’ve created the “How to Rent in NYC: Post-Grad Survival Guide”. This guide covers the renting process from start to finish as well as addressing frequently asked questions from first time grads.

We know everything is easier said than done, so in order to help you better visualize what a firsthand move would look like, Daniel Itingen, our Head of Residential Leasing sat down with post grad, Jason Mawicke, to discuss his recent experience of moving into the city. Check out the interview below.

Q: What were your biggest concerns moving to the city for the first time out of college?
A: “I would say pricing and how I would get all of my things to the city like my furniture and clothes”

Q: What were the things that were important to you in your apartment search?
A: “Neighborhoods and safety of the neighborhood and accessibility to the subway”

Q: What is one thing you did not anticipate in your search?
A: “Definitely how high the broker fee is for some of the apartments”

Q: If you could go back in time and give one tip to your “pre-search-self” what would it be?
A: “I would definitely go back and scout out more properties in different neighborhoods or maybe more aggressively try to find a roommate prior to moving into the city”

Q: Looking back, what parts of the guide that you read were most useful?
A: “I would say not one particular part, overall the guide itself was most informational”