Space is a hot commodity everywhere in New York City, and one that faces greater demand than supply. As you organize your apartment or condo, you may find there simply is not room for all your favorite furniture, household goods, and treasured personal items.

Rather than getting discouraged, determine carefully and conscientiously what items actually are essentials, and what you can do without. To help you get started, here is a list of seven items every New Yorker should own to help a snug apartment stay uncluttered, useful and comfortable.

1. Recycling sorter

New York City has numerous laws regarding recycling. You should invest in a dual-compartment trashcan to conveniently sort trash and recyclables as they’re used. Such a container may also serve as a visual reminder of your responsibility to recycle whatever waste you can.

2. An entry table

Set up a small entry table by your front door to act as a functional landing zone for all your essentials, including an umbrella or the mail, and make them easier to leave and retrieve on your way in and out the door. Place a small decorative bowl or container on the table for your smaller items, such as keys and your MetroCard.

3. Swiffer

For smaller living spaces in New York, a Swiffer is a convenient way to quickly clean most surfaces. What makes it particularly convenient (and space-saving) is that it can usually take the place of a bucket, mop and most other cleaning supplies.

4. Basic toolset

A toolset will come in handy more than you think, whether you use it to hang pictures, put together furniture, or conduct light maintenance around your apartment. You may be surprised how many tasks you can complete on your own with even just basic tools, including a hammer; Phillips head and flathead screwdrivers; a mix of nails and hooks; long-nose pliers; a wrench; and a tape measure.

5. Sound machine

Maybe you are used to being surrounded by noise and clamor, but it’s not a bad idea to own a sound machine to block out raucous neighbors and other city sounds as needed. Also, after a hectic day, listening to soothing sounds can reduce your stress and help you relax.

6. Tall shelving unit

If you are living with limited floor space, it’s time to start thinking up. A tall shelving unit with multiple cubed compartments will help with storage and organization issues. Also, if you’re cohabitating with a roommate, you can strategically place the shelving unit to help your apartment “feel” separated into more personal spaces.

7. Laundry backpack

Unless you’re a New Yorker who is fortunate enough to have a washer and dryer in your apartment, you will be going to the laundromat frequently. Make sure you have a duffel bag, backpack laundry bag, or other convenient case to carry your items to and from the laundry facility.

Living in Manhattan is thrilling and hectic. Keeping these household items on hand will also make the experience comfortable and manageable, no matter the size and location of your residence.