Minas Shoe Repair Shop
67 Wall St New York, NY 10005
(212) 938-0199

We recently interviewed Minas and his daughter Menia, of Minas Shoe Repair Shop on Wall Street, business owners proud to be part of the energy of the Financial District!

Platinum: How long have you been in business in the Financial District?
Minas/Menia: We have been in business in the Financial District since 1976. My father was one of the first tenants in The World Trade Center. The shop was there from 1976 until 2001.

Platinum: What are some of the changes you have seen in FiDi since you’ve been in business?
Minas/Menia: Downtown was and is always my Dads heart. In 2003 he decided to reopen on Wall Street, even though it was still somewhat of a ghost town. It seemed people were still afraid to work downtown. He had faith in the neighborhood and was confident the neighborhood would restore itself with time. 
When we first reopened in 2003 the area was still quiet. As each year passed we saw more and more people working in the area as well as a boom in people living in the financial district. So many people moved downtown to live that our Monday through Friday business extended to opening on Saturdays to accommodate the residents in the area. We really have seen downtown grow over the years into a neighborhood. 

Platinum: What are the advantages of being downtown, as opposed to the busier midtown?
Minas/Menia: One of the great things about this area compared to Midtown is the closeness of the people, from the residents to the local businesses to the people that work in the area! People know each other. It’s like a big family down here! It’s not overcrowded like Midtown so it’s more of an opportunity to really know and love the area.  

Platinum: Talk about your clientele down here in FiDi.
Minas/Menia: We provide our service to a wide range of clients in the area, even from all over New York City. They could be anyone from the doorman to the heads of financial institutions as well as many in the fashion industry. Everyone needs their shoes fixed!

Platinum: How do you feel about the revitalization, or “comeback” many say that the Financial District is heading into?
Minas/Menia:  I feel that downtown is already back and is only getting better! You hardly see empty storefronts for rent anymore. The demand to accommodate the area has been filled. 

Platinum:  What advice do you have for tourists, or those not so familiar with the Financial District?
Minas/Menia: The best part about Lower Manhattan is that it is unlike any other area in Manhattan. There is a lot of history down here that is still visible, with it’s cobblestone streets and buildings that reflect old New York. Even the names of the streets reflect the people that built the area. We have the South Street Seaport and Battery Park which have some of the best views of the city. Lower Manhattan has really grown over the years but still has the feel of a small neighborhood that the people in the area really make up. 

We thank Minas Shoe repair for their participation! Please note, they will be relocating to 63 Wall Street on Janaury 26th and will be immediately available for all your shoe repair needs.

Find them on Facebook at Mina Shoe Repair, follow on Instagram: minasshoerepair.