A guide for twenty somethings looking for a weekend place out East…

Don’t be alarmed, but it’s almost Spring and Summer is practically here. Do you know how to find a vacation rental in the Hamptons?

Let’s agree on one thing: The Hamptons are THE destination for New Yorkers come Memorial Day. You’ve seen the beautiful shots of a Sag Harbor sunset on your friend’s friend’s friend’s Insta, and want to see it IRL, so you can post it and add those orange colored skies to your grid.

But somehow, seasons come and go, and you forget to plan, and before you know it, you’re wearing a 2019 party hat. So, you make a promise to yourself right now, “This Summer will be different. I’ll get a shared house ahead of time, and split it with my friends!” Godspeed, dear reader.

Like the search for a New York apartment rental, the mission here is a challenging one: the demand is high while the supply is low. But don’t give up just yet, and opt for the “slums of Beverly Hills” or some retirement beach in Florida – you’ve got options here.

Can you work with a real estate agent? (Hint: It will save you time and money.)

Working with an Agent

Congrats! The hard part is over and you’ve just saved yourself from the stress and frustration of looking on your own. Connect with one of our best Hamptons real estate agents here.

How You Find a Vacation Rental on Your Own

Here are three quick tips when looking for a shared house in the Hamptons – the beautiful, island escape with everything from quaint, charming town centers to the country’s most sought after party circuit, home to charity galas and political fundraisers taking place every weekend through Labor Day.


Timing is everything in the New York real estate rental world, whether in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or the Hamptons. Start today, or there will be real slim pickings or weekend rentals starting at 15K minimum. Also, don’t forget that most summer house rentals are for month to season long contracts.


It’s early March, and as crazy as it seems, the shared house search began back in January for some New Yorkers. So, if time is not on your side, then expand your search zip code. Ideally, you’d love to stay near Surf Lodge or an Insta-worthy geotag, but there are little gems if you look more inland or in the Saltaire areas, for example.


If only there were a site, or app, or something that allowed you to rent directly from the owner for a short stay… oh wait, there is! The Hamptons shared house search is big on AirBnB and for a great time, try to find a local guide host – they might even show you around town!

You got this, dear reader. As a back up plan, here’s a great list of things to do in New York City before the summer ends.