The Hudson Yards is the area of Manhattan bound by West 42nd to 30th street, and 8th Ave to the Hudson River. It has been a home to underutilized real estate as well as below grade railroad tracks. With the constant demand for new real estate in NYC, it has been decided that The Hudson Yards is the perfect location to expand.

Hudson Yards is fully zoned and entitled for over 17 million square feet of commercial and residential development. Half of the development will be allocated to new open space and parks, while the rest is reserved for luxurious living and dining, as well as brand new office space.

Some retailers that are set to move to the area will include Coach, L’Oreal, and Fairway. The company in charge of placing the retailers in the Time Warner Center is also responsible for filling this area, so you can be sure to find it filled with luxury brands. Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week has made the new Hudson Yards their official home beginning in 2015, adding more event culture to the area.

The Hudson Yards has an amazing opportunity to build a brand new neighborhood from the ground up. You can be sure to expect something truly amazing coming to New York City.