What a comeback the Financial District has made over the past decade! From rebuilding after 9/11 and reconstructing the area, FiDi has now become stronger than ever before. The number of residents has nearly doubled since 2000 and elite businesses are moving in.

Platinum Properties, located in the heart of FiDi on Wall St., has had similar growth. The company started out with just three agents in 2005 and has now grown to a family of 35 ambitious brokers. Platinum Properties CEO and founder, Khashy Eyn, shares his secrets of the trade and what makes the real estate industry tick in the Financial District.

FiDi has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade.  Have any of the recent changes surprised you?

I find myself pleasantly surprised all the time, especially lately, with all of the new developments in the Financial District. It seems like every day I read an article about a new building being transformed into a condo or rental. I can see FiDi growing around me in so many ways. The population is increasing exponentially. Apple and Saks Fifth Avenue stores are scheduled to open their doors in the neighborhood. Nobu, one of the most popular NYC restaurants, is relocating to FiDi. When Platinum Properties first opened 10 years ago, I had a pretty clear image of what the Financial District could potentially become, but it has honestly exceeded all of my dreams and expectations!

You started Platinum Properties shortly after 9/11 when most people were moving out of the Financial District. What made you choose this location as the home base for your company?

At first, I was mostly focused on logistics. Transportation was my main concern. By making the Financial District our home base, we could service all areas of the city. Then, my decision quickly became so much more than simply logistics. 9/11 was actually a draw to the area because I wanted to be a part of the rebuilding process. My heart told me it was the right move at the time. The Financial District has since grown by leaps and bounds and I’m thrilled to continue to be able to be a part of the changing community.

What is your favorite aspect of the Financial District?

Transportation! The Financial District has virtually every subway line. If you’re a driver, you have easy access to both of the city’s two major highways, the FDR or the West Side Highway. You can also get to any part of Manhattan reasonably quickly at any point during the day.

What excites you most about the future of the Financial District?

I’m excited that new development will continue to expand and price per square foot will continue to increase. I am sure that the Financial District is going to continue to grow economically and aesthetically.  I envision FiDi becoming a 24-hour neighborhood like the Village or Chelsea. Today the Financial District is the hidden jewel of Manhattan, but it will soon be the crown jewel. Check out the FiDi Report for sales and rental growth so far this year.

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