It’s not new information that Manhattan is a high-priced place to live, but even within this small, densely populated borough – the core of New York City – different neighborhoods cost varying prices to take up residence.

Forbes annually puts out a list of the most expensive ZIP codes in the U.S. The magazine’s numbers are based on asking prices for homes on the market for the 90 days ending Nov. 18, which provides “a more accurate snapshot of the current state of the market,” according to the article.

For 2016, New York had six of the 10 most expensive ZIP codes in the nation, and a dozen of the top 25, revealing “a number of ultra-high-end multifamily properties have recently come on the market in Manhattan,” the article states. Here are Manhattan’s top 10 priciest neighborhoods.

Upper East Side

  • # 1 – 10075
  • # 2 – 10065
  • # 3 – 10028
  • # 8 – 10021

It may come as no surprise that the Upper East Side possesses several of the most expensive ZIP codes in the city. In 2016, 10075 was the costliest ZIP code in Manhattan, and second in the country, mostly because of a few “particularly pricey townhouses,” according to Forbes. The median list price for its 39 homes on the market in the fall of 2016 was $7.22 million, up from $2.15 million in 2015. Next up was ZIP code 10065, with an average median sale price of $6.94 million, and 10028, at $6.3 million. Taking eighth place, but also located in the Upper East Side, was ZIP code 10021.

Greenwich Village & SoHo

  • # 4 – 10012
  • # 5 – 10014
  • # 6 – 10013

The fourth through sixth most expensive ZIP codes all reside in Greenwich Village and SoHo, two adjacent bustling boroughs in downtown New York. In order, those codes are 10012, with a median sale price of $6.29 million; 10014 at $5.76 million; and 10013 at $5.653 million.

Upper West Side & Chelsea

  • # 7 – 10024
  • # 9 – 10023
  • # 10 – 10011

Finally, the Upper West Side, the neighborhood nestled between the Hudson River and Central Park , and Chelsea, on the West Side of Manhattan, host the remaining three priciest ZIP codes in Manhattan. At No. 7 is code 10024, with a median sale price of $5.65 million, and No. 9 is 10023 at $4.78 million. Rounding out the top 10 is 10011, in Chelsea, with a median of $4.68 million.

Since 2016, Manhattan has reemerged as one of the most expensive places to live in the country, with new inventory in the area “dominating” the market, according to Forbes. This shift represents the increasing appeal of the New York City borough as a place to call home.