So, you’re thinking about moving to the Big Apple. What should you expect?
All you know about New York is from what you’ve seen in movies, and that one time you took a family vacation when you were six years old.
Don’t worry: Manhattan luxury real estate broker Platinum Properties has created a list of the most common misconceptions about the city that never sleeps.

1. Not all of New York City is Times Square.

Or the Empire State Building, or Central Park, or the Statue of Liberty.
Manhattan is a packed metropolis full of eclectic neighborhoods, from the quaint blocks of the West Village to the culturally rich sidewalks of Harlem.
Don’t be afraid to venture out of the popular tourist traps and find a new go-to restaurant in TriBeCa and a favorite tanning spot along Hudson River Park.
Spend time in the other four boroughs, too — every inch of NYC has wonderful and unique things to offer.

2. New Yorkers aren’t rude—they’re actually very friendly!

Yes, you read that right.
They’re always on the go, and their fast pace might be what puts off slow-moving visitors and new arrivals.
But once you can get them to stop, they’ll gladly take the time to point you in the right direction or start a quick conversation.
It’s easy to make friends in your building, at the office, at the table eating next to you at dinner, or one park bench over while you’re on your lunch break.
Don’t let the untrue “rude New Yorker” stereotype keep you from breaking the ice.

3. New York really isn’t all that dangerous.

No more so than any other big metropolis in the world, anyway.
Crime happens everywhere, regardless of whether you’re in orderly suburbia or chaotic New York.
There is safety in the number of people crowding the streets everyday and night. Plus, there are often NYPD officers patrolling the neighborhoods, lessening the opportunities for theft and violence.
Just make sure you’re alert when you’re walking around or taking public transportation, and you’ll be fine. 

4. There’s plenty of things in NYC that don’t require spending an arm and a leg.

While the cost of living in New York is generally high, it doesn’t have to be.
From $1 a slice pizza shops on virtually every corner to half price Broadway tickets the day of the show, New Yorkers are even better at saving money than spending money.
Bookmark Groupon on your laptop and ask your friends and neighbors where they sell authentically delicious paninis for only $5 (hint: Gaia in the Lower East Side).
It’s entirely possible to make rent and still have fun!

5. You don’t have to be filthy rich to afford an apartment in Manhattan.


No matter your budget, you’ll have plenty of options when choosing your new home in the city, from cute studios to subletting a two- or three-bedroom with roommates.
If you’re making the move with a family in tow and worried you might not find something spacious enough at your price point, don’t: renting — or better yet, buying — a nice, family-friendly apartment isn’t an issue at all.
Just set up an appointment with a helpful Platinum Properties agent and we’ll get you into the perfect place.


All your worries about living in New York are unfounded.
It’s a wonderful city of wonderful people, and soon you’ll be a part of it all with our help.
Keep checking back to Platinum Talk for more NYC lifestyle posts and real estate tips.

Sheila Orfano