After you find the perfect apartment, the next step is decorating it. But how do you make it unique when everyone is shopping at the same furniture stores?

Manhattan luxury apartment broker Platinum Properties is here with the perfect list of solutions: customizable DIY projects that will guarantee your home is set apart from all the rest.


1. Add some green to your living space with leather planters.

Who says living in a concrete jungle has to be completely plant-less?

These cool and easy-to-make leather planters will have you cutting out endless scraps from your old leather couch to transform your apartment into an indoor garden oasis.

Learn how from Vintage Revivals.

2. Turn your drawers into shelves for unique extra storage space.

Now that one of our top agents at Platinum has found you the ideal apartment with a walk-in closet, you don’t need your old dresser anymore.

Instead of throwing it out, learn how to upcycle the drawers into crafty shelves on Shades of Grey.

3. Make playing dress-up even more fun with a dry-erase dresser.

Your kids will always want to draw on the furniture. Why not let them?

Paint their cabinets, chairs, bed frame, and anything else you wish they’d stop marking up with dry erase paint. This way, you’re both happy!

Ducklings in a Row has more tips on achieving the perfect finish.

4. Create a photo-op in your kitchen with hanging mason jar storage.

Your counter tops will be pretty as a picture once you complete this easy DIY project from Home & Garden Television.

Bonus: you’ll never have to rummage through your cabinets to remember where you put the pasta!

5. Wow your visitors with your handmade coffee table.

Why bother with a trip to Ikea for a coffee table everyone else has when you can make your own?

Learn how with step-by-step instructions from The Home Depot.

6. Show off your book collection with DIY invisible bookshelves.

Proudly showcase your favorite titles without the bulk of a bookcase by making your own invisible bookshelves out of L-brackets.

The project is super simple, according to May December.

7. Give your bathroom a vintage feel by using old doorknobs to hang towels.

Hunt through thrift shops and vintage markets for antique doorknobs instead of using boring towel racks. They also look good holding back curtains.

Find out more from Not Just a Housewife.

8. Turn showering into a soak under a waterfall with a pebble bathmat.

Collect some river rocks along the Hudson or East River to start on this super easy DIY project from Curbly.

9. Display your pictures in jars instead of the expected frames.

Make your living room more interesting and memorable in one easy step.

Plus, pre-used jam jars and wine bottles are cheaper than picture frames!


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