When you first move into one of the apartments for rent in New York City, the subway can be quite a daunting place. The native New Yorkers are always moving fast and rarely appear to have patience for new people to learn the ropes.

That said, most New Yorkers are friendlier than you’d think and are happy to help if you have questions. Just do your best to identify someone who doesn’t appear to be rushing to their next appointment!

Uptown Or Downtown?

The first thing to know about the NYC subway is that it is based on an uptown and downtown system. You should know which direction you want to travel in before you head towards the trains.

Before you even move to the city – perhaps when you start shopping for a rental or NYC apartments for sale – you can engage a Platinum Properties agent for help identifying neighborhoods near trains relevant for your commute to work, friends, shops, etc.

Use Google Maps Ahead Of Time

Google Maps will become your best friend when it comes to getting around the various areas of New York City. Google Maps has an option to select “Travel By Train” that will show you which subway line to take and which stations to use. You can even use the app to work out your entire route – including walking to and from the stations or catching a bus.

Another great feature when you use Google Maps instead of a subway-specific app on your phone is that you can see the whole layout of the subway system, helping you better understand the network and which trains cover which neighborhoods.

The app will help you visit potential new homes, explore your new city and learn to navigate the subway system more successfully.

Let People Off The Train First

It’s a simple rule for just about any train system in the world: People getting off the train at the station should always be allowed to exit before those getting onto the train.

If you’re waiting to board the train, stand to the side of the doors and not right in front of them. That way, you’ll be close to the doors so that you can get on quickly once the path is cleared for you, but you won’t get in the way of those exiting the train.

Another point to note here is that you shouldn’t stop in the doorway once you get onto the train – unless the car is full and you can’t go any further. Causing congestion at the doors by staying put instead of moving into the middle of the car is a big no-no in the New York subway.

Seats Are Not For Bags

As you navigate New York City apartments for rent via the subway, another way you can be courteous to your fellow commuters is to avoid using the limited seating in a subway car for your bag.

New Yorkers consider these very bad manners. Bringing a bicycle onto a busy train is also frowned upon by the locals. They take up a lot of space and make it difficult for people to move around in the cars.

Dogs – they’re allowed – but only if they’re enclosed in a container and carried in a manner that would not annoy other passengers. Like bags, they should be in your lap or on the floor, not in the seat beside you.

Be Ready For The Unexpected

Welcome to New York City – anything and everything can (and will) happen here.

On the subway, you’ll see a variety of characters and unique situations. You may be new to the city, overwhelmed by everything going on and looking for your first New York apartment for rent – but you can still remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings. See something concerning? Say something to a Metro employee or officer.

Otherwise, be mindful of your surroundings, courteous to your new neighbors and use your commute to enjoy some music or a podcast – with headphones of course!

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