In New York City, space is limited but that’s the last thing you want to feel when you’re at home in your apartment. Fortunately, so many of the New York apartments to rent these days offer the potential for implementing space-saving hacks that help you to maximize your square footage in the most stylish possible way. 

In the words of self-proclaimed Clutter Whisperer Cynthia Kienzle, “there’s a lot of dead space if you know where to look for it.” If you’re looking for apartments for rent in New York City and space is a concern, these tips will ensure you can keep clutter at bay and have a perfectly curated home.

Hang It Up

Vertical space is often ignored or seen purely as where you’d hang pictures. But it’s also the perfect place to hang everything from coat racks to shoe organizers, knives, hats, and even your bicycle. There are an array of stylish hooks, hangers, and racks readily available, and New York Magazine has some stunning ideas that allow you to make the most of your vertical space.

Become An Organizing Pro

Move over Marie Kondo. The trick to ensuring that you have space in any apartment for rent in New York City is organization. Real Simple gives great advice here, saying that bigger isn’t always better when looking at storage options. Oversized storage bins and baskets can create more clutter. Instead, opt for smaller storage containers that you can organize with ease and pack away quickly.

Turn Every Empty Space Into Useful Space

Under your bed, the bathroom cabinet, and even your freezer all offer plenty of space that you may not be using – or even consider utilizing. The key is to think out of the box – literally. If you have a large freezer but seldom cook at home, you can use it to store your pots and pans or other cooking implements. Or if you have an empty bathroom cabinet, it’s ideal for storing your cleaning supplies.

Invest In Multi-Purpose Furniture

When furnishing New York apartments for rent many people make the mistake of buying furniture with a single function. But when making an NYC apartment feel like home you don’t have to settle for pieces that only have a single use. An abundance of trendy designers create furniture that’s multi-functional, and this is a wonderful way of freeing up space. Look for benches or ottomans with built-in storage, beds with drawers, nesting tables that you can tuck neatly away, or sleeper couches that unfold invitingly for guests.

Banish the Bathroom Blues

Bathrooms can quickly become one of the most cluttered rooms in any apartment, so organization brand Container Store suggests using wall-mounted racks for toiletries, towel rails that clip over the door, and rolling carts for accessories, styling products, and other cosmetic items. The bonus of a rolling cart is that you can move it from place to place, so it fits in wherever you need it to.

Consolidate and Be Creative

Boxes, cartons, and packaging all take up a lot of unnecessary space. An excellent way to save space is to get rid of all the packaging and to store dry goods in attractive containers in your kitchen. Pasta, rice, cereal, sugar, coffee, tea – these are just a few things you can decant into jars to save space. A spice rack is a great addition to your kitchen too, as are racks for hanging pots, mugs and even drying dishes.

Reconfigure Your Closet

Not every apartment for rent in New York has wall-to-wall closets that have multiple compartments, but this doesn’t mean you cannot create your own. Even a large closet can waste a vast amount of space if it’s only designed to hang clothes in. You can add racks at lower levels, install additional rods, or use stackable shelves to create extra space. 

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