Valentine’s Day. The holiday that makes women’s hearts flutter and men’s voices stutter. For most couples, you will typically find one partner that is doing the planning for this lover’s holiday and another with overly inflated expectations for the day and their partner’s ability to make it outrageously romantic. Essentially, everyone loses. Valentine’s Day is meant as a holiday to celebrate your love for another, whether that’s your partner, best girl friend or the guy you regularly see on Tuesday nights. So we suggest you celebrate accordingly.

If you’ve ever tried to get a last-minute restaurant reservation in the city for Valentine’s Day, then you know what a nightmare it can be if you’ve been designated the “planner” in your twosome. Here are some unique and fun ways to spend Valentine’s Day with your special someone, regardless of your relationship, budget or level of procrastination.

For the Adventurous Twosome

You don’t have to hit the Adirondacks for some adventure with your sweetie. Head over the The Cliffs LIC for some evening rock climbing. While this might not spell romance, it can be a hands-on bonding experience that will surely get your heart racing.

For a Couple of Nerds

Is science your thing? Ditch the fancy restaurant and head to the Upper West Side’s Hayden Planetarium for some star gazing, champagne and a jazz quartet. You won’t be looking for any “space” from your dearest after this romantic affair.

A “Galentine’s” Day Fit for a Queen

Just because you aren’t attached doesn’t mean Valentine’s Day isn’t your holiday. Grab your best gal pals and spend an evening drooling over hunky men on horseback at Medieval Times Dinner Tournament. Sure, it’s a short bus ride into New Jersey but nothing screams anti-Valentine’s Day with your girls like drinking vodka out of goblets while cheering on a jousting match between two bearded men.

When You Need Some Time Apart

What if you’re in a big fight with your significant other, but you know it will turn into an even bigger fight if you don’t plan something great for Valentine’s Day? Take that tough cookie to some interactive theater at Sleep No More at The McKittrick Hotel. This masked event encourages people to split up and follow a dozen different actors around a hotel set, creating new storylines as you enter each new room. Maybe you’ll even make up afterwards taking in the views at the Gallow Green rooftop.

For the Pair with an Uncertain Future

Looking for some insight into your uncertain relationship? This is New York City after all. Connect with some ghosts from the past, or find out if your man “ghosting” you is in your future by visiting one of the city’s many tarot card readers, mediums and psychics. One of our favorites is Tribeca Tarot Reader – your honey can even sit in on the session!

Fall in Love with Your City

Whether you’re alone, hooked up, have a friend with benefits, or are working on 50 years of marriage, we all share a love for New York City. Spend the day connecting with your first love, the city, and make it an unforgettable Valentine’s Day. Take a tacky double-decker bus tour, stroll through the halls of The Met, take a horse drawn carriage through Central Park, eat dollar slices in Brooklyn, or take in a Broadway show. No love in this lifetime will replace the love you have with New York, so make sure you’re paying tribute to ALL the loves of your life this Valentine’s Day.