As millennials become CEO’s and baby boomers reach for retirement, the last decade has seen a shift in what defines the modern corporate culture. Work, for the newer generation, instantly equates to success and status. We work for wealth, power and the ability to play with the big boys. Goals are higher and dreams are bigger. Many baby boomers define work as a means to an end – the extra car, the re-financed house or the growing college tuition. The daily haul to work was an accepted sacrifice to create a comfortable family life. While the boomers work to build, we work to climb.

While at work, company events like picnics and softball games help to make the daily grind more palatable.  Everyday culture was professional and friendly. Kid’s soccer games were discussed, managers were complained about and at 5pm sharp, everyone happily headed home to catch up with the family and primetime television. But today, as we head into work at 8am to head start on pending projects and logout around 7pm to beat deadlines, the corporate culture has shifted two ways; for some companies it no longer exists. Work has become just that, a drive to create as much output as possible, whether it be revenue or client satisfaction – a competitive and ravenous force to produce. For other companies who enjoy positivity as well as production, corporate culture defines the daily office ambience. Whether it be in-office wellness programs, weekly happy hours or the daily array of exotic coffees and cappuccinos, many companies successfully make the work hard, play hard mantra real.

This dichotomy of the modern corporate culture seems to work for our generation. Millennials are in fact defined as inclusive workaholics, glued to the screen, producing and entrepreneuring without a need to feel “part of”, relishing in the ability to shun out the world while still running it from their desktops. On the sunnier side of the modern workplace, such as Platinum Properties, we come to work to be part of history being made, to share and contribute to the success of the company as a whole and to simply arrive to work every day knowing you are amongst those who support your success. Most recently, Platinum Properties hosted a beauty event where certified technicians provided massages and primped nails and makeup, prepping agents to be their best as they strolled out to showings. 5 star dinners are awarded to top producers and happy hours are coordinated for the sake of keeping good company, within the company. One of our hardest working agents, Timur Mone, who is often found here huddled over listings past 10pm says, “Platinum is my second home, it is like family with the right amount of guidance.

As a boutique, family-owned luxury real estate brokerage, located in the heart of Wall Street, Platinum Properties strives to create a family feel, with family being inspiring, supportive and uplifting. From the day of hire, agents are mentors directly by founders and upper management and have direct access to contact them as well as urged to reach out to fellow agents for leadership and advice. We talk about what works for us and are there with words and backing when things do not. This comraderie fuels Platinum much-published growth in the last decade, we are here collectively to help you “Find Your Place, Make Your Move.”