If you’re a landlord, there probably will come a time when a tenant asks for renovations. Unless you’ve familiarized yourself with the obligations of landlords of New York apartments for rent, and the rights of tenants, you might be wondering how to handle your tenant’s request. 

Keep reading to learn more about landlords, tenants, and renovation requests.

Housing Fit For Human Habitation

According to NYC Housing Preservation and Development, landlords have a responsibility to ensure the housing they provide to tenants is fit for human habitation. Your tenants have a right to buildings that are safe and well-maintained, and that are free from hazardous conditions, leaks, and vermin. There should not be any conditions that are detrimental to or endanger their health, safety, or life.

That said, tenants also have responsibilities when it comes to New York apartments for rent. Responding to your yearly inquiries about lead-based paint and window guards, maintaining carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, and not damaging their apartments or the building are among those responsibilities.

The NYC Rent Guidelines Board explained that in terms of the state law provision known as the ‘Warrant of Habitability’, all tenants can request repairs, renovations, and rent abatements for warranty violations. However, you as the landlord might not be responsible for those renovation or repair costs if your tenant or someone in their household or otherwise associated with them was negligent or abused the apartment or building. You face various obstacles when renting out a property. Damage caused by tenant negligence is one of them.

Regardless of who caused the damage and of who is liable for the cost of the repairs or renovations, you are obliged to keep your Manhattan apartments for rent in good repair. Your tenant cannot ask for cosmetic renovations, for example,  if they think an archway with Doric columns would look better than a standard doorway.

Making Repairs And Doing Renovations

When the time comes to renovate or make repairs in your New York City apartments for rent, you can hire or use any employees, the building’s porter or super among them, for general repair work. However, if significant work is involved, the city’s laws require you to use a licensed contractor, such as a plumber or an electrician. If lead paint is to be removed, you must hire specially trained workers for the job.

Your tenant may not reject or interfere with the workers you hired for the job unless those workers cause imminent danger or harm to them, the building’s other occupants, or the building itself.

Renovations or repairs in apartments for rent in New York City should be completed within 24 hours if conditions are immediately hazardous, 30 days if conditions are hazardous, and 90 days if conditions are non-hazardous. Your tenant should give you, your agents, and/or your employees access to the unit to complete repair work on weekdays (except holidays) between 9 AM and 5 PM. You should request access in writing with at least 24 hours notice for inspections and one week’s notice for repairs unless you and the tenant agreed to other arrangements.

If your tenant is going to remain in your Manhattan apartment for rent during the renovations/repair work, you’ll need to post or distribute a Tenant Protection Plan (TPP) when the Department of Buildings issues the work permit. The TPP includes information such as a statement of occupation during the work, which units will be occupied, the means and methods used to ensure occupants’ health and safety, and details such as opening protectives, dust containment procedures, and temporary fire-related assemblies.

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