January is the time to curl up, stay warm, and enjoy a rich and creamy hot chocolate in New York City. The polar vortex that escaped us through a 70 degree Christmas has finally touched down in Manhattan. We all knew it was coming, but now that blustery weather is officially upon us. Get those duck boots, UGGs and infinity scarves out of storage. It’s time to bundle up and keep warm for winter until we are vortex clear.

So what’s the good news about the freezing temperatures? Manhattan is a magical city in the wintertime. A certain whimsy happens when the first flurries appear. While snowflakes keep falling on your head, Platinum Properties has compiled a list of the absolute best hot chocolates spots. These scrumptious hot chocolates are tried and tested and will be sure to warm up your soul in this New York City winter wonderland!

Bibble & Sip – 252 Wes 51st Street

If you’re looking for a rich, homemade hot chocolate, Bibble & Sip is the place to go in Midtown West! Even the ooey, gooey marshmallow on top is homemade! Bibble & Sip is a cute date spot or cozy place to meet up with friends, plus Broadway and all its jazz are steps away. Test out this mouth-watering drink at a great place to keep warm with someone special.

Jacques Torres Chocolate – Various NYC Locations

A cup from “Mr. Chocolate” himself, Jacques Torres is renowned in the culinary world for making the world’s best chocolate from scratch. Their Classic cup is made from actual chocolate, not powder, so this thick and rich hot drink is one of the closest things to pure melted chocolate you will find!

Oro Bakery & Bar – 375 Broome Street

Oro bakery is a charming neighborhood café in the Lower East Side that serves a delicious variety of pastries and beverages. Their hot chocolate is smooth and mild. Platinum Properties deems this hot chocolate a perfect after lunch pick-me-up. Bonus tip: at night, you can order the hot chocolate spiked, so day or night, it’s a win-win.

Momofuku Milk Bar – 251 E 13th STreet

Milk Bar’s hot chocolate is a liquid S’mores divine that can be found in the East Village. The Milk Bar fudge sauce and milk is blended with charred marshmallows and other toppings upon requests. The mixture is heavenly and devilish all in the same cup.

City Bakery – 3 West 18th Street

Why not end your hot chocolate tour of New York City with a Hot Chocolate Festival: try some of these magnificent flavors including malted milk hot chocolate, bourbon hot chocolate, or banana peel hot chocolate for the monkey lovers. Every day in February hosts a different flavor. Hopefully you’re close enough in Flatiron to try them all.

Do you want to find an apartment this winter that is right near your favorite hot chocolate spot? Contact ourreal estate experts at Platinum Properties and we will find you the perfect new home convenient for work, transportation, entertainment, and of course hot chocolate!