Every New York City neighborhood has its own personality and character. If you want to live a harmonious life here in the city, then why not choose a place to live that matches your unique style and quirks? If you haven’t already taken the Myers-Briggs personality test, here are the places where you can take it for free online. Once you’ve discovered your type, find out which neighborhood is best for you! Don’t have time to fully commit to the Myers Briggs test yet? Feel free to check out the 16 personality types here.

ISTJ – Astoria

For those that are quiet, dependable, and traditional, you need an authentic neighborhood like Astoria in Queens. You’ll find a mix of families, young professionals, and residents who have been here for generations. There’s an influx of new bars and restaurants, but the community’s roots are deep and the real estate affordable. You’ll also get a good night’s sleep so you’ll be ready for work the next day.

ISFJ – West Village

You are quiet, friendly, and conscientious and you’d be the perfect neighbor for the old-school New Yorkers and A-list celebrities who live in the West Village. It’s historic, it’s romantic, it’s utterly charming and you won’t be a bother to those who want their privacy. It can get a little boisterous on the weekends, but given your gracious nature, you won’t mind.

INFJ – Upper West Side

If you’re insightful, organized, and committed you’ll love to mix and mingle on the Upper West Side. This neighborhood is equal parts new- and old-school NYC, with established New Yorkers and new Columbia graduates living side by side. There are tons of great bars and restaurants and real estate tends to be more spacious. If you’ve got a little extra money to spend, this is a great place to call home.

INTJ – Lower East Side

The original, skeptical, and independent among us will thrive on the Lower East Side. Originally an immigrant community, this neighborhood now has a youthful and artistic spirit. It’s both gritty and glamorous, with trendy nightclubs and dive bars galore. You’ll find a huge mix of people living here, from young families and students to professionals, as well as a wide array of real estate options.

ISTP – Long Island City

You are tolerant, flexible, and analytical and are always ready with a workable solution. Long Island City is the place for you. This up-and-coming location has attracted world-class museums and great restaurants, and the high-rise buildings along the East River are prime real estate. You can feel like you’re away from the hustle and bustle, but can still be in Midtown in 15 minutes – thus solving all your living problems like a pro.

ISFP – Battery Park City

Are you the quiet, sensitive, and kind type? Do you want to live in a pretty neighborhood where there are lots of beautiful parks, it’s quiet, and people look out for each other? Then hustle on down to Battery Park City. It’s close to everything, yet far enough away to feel like an oasis.

INFP – Midtown West

Who are you, you idealistic, adaptable, and curious being? Don’t you know that most New Yorkers might be turned off by Midtown West, with all the tourists and hustle and bustle? But here you are, living your best life, surrounded by all the places people think of when they think of the Big Apple. Hats off to you, trailblazer!

INTP – Midtown East

If you’re logical, skeptical, and contained, then set up shop in Midtown East. You’ll find kindred spirits in the other career-minded souls who call this neighborhood home. Real estate is relatively affordable for young professionals and there are some good happy hours, but things quiet down in the evening and on weekends. It’s perfect for those who want to buckle down and climb the corporate ladder.

ESTP – Chelsea

You are tolerant, spontaneous, and stylish and enjoy life’s material comforts. What better place to live than Chelsea, the epicenter of the city’s trendsetters? Here you’ll find some of the best real estate in NYC and the hottest bars and nightclubs. This neighborhood never sleeps, so there will always be something fun to do.

ESFP – East Village

If you’re exuberant, realistic, and friendly, then the East Village could be for you — especially if you’re young and energetic. The historical artistic center of the city, it’s now home to a mix of students and faculty from nearby NYU as well as young professionals. If you like to learn all day and play all night, this is the place for you.

ENFP – Brooklyn Heights

Do you have a warm, imaginative, and enthusiastic streak? Then you might just love the serenity and charm of Brooklyn Heights. You get all the best of NYC days gone by, with cobblestone streets, ivy-wrapped mansions, and tree-lined sidewalks. You’ll also get a neighborhood that is community-focused and thriving.

ENTP – Little Italy

Would you consider yourself outspoken, resourceful, and intuitive? Then check out what’s available in Little Italy. This little slice of heaven has loads of character and you will literally never go hungry. There are lots of big personalities in Little Italy, and we think you’ll fit right in.

ESTJ – Financial District

Those of you who are practical, decisive, and results-oriented are going to love the Financial District. FiDi is obviously a great place to live if you work in finance and like the convenience of a short commute. There are tons of great buildings in the neighborhood, and it is quickly becoming the new residential destination. It’s perfect for those who like convenience, safety, and quiet.

ESFJ – Greenwich Village

You are warm, harmonious, and loyal and you need an established neighborhood where a diverse array of folks can get along. That place is Greenwich Village. One of the most picturesque and luxurious neighborhoods in the city, you’ll find a mix of NYU students and affluent people who all enjoy the charm and culture of this quintessential corner of NYC.

ENFJ – Upper East Side

If you can be described as warm, responsible, and sociable, you’ll love living on the Upper East Side. This neighborhood is chock-full of doctors and lawyers and their families and has a very homey vibe. You’ll have access to lots of ethnic cuisines, museums, and Central Park, as well as a good mix of relatively affordable real estate. It’s also home to some of the city’s best private schools.

ENTJ – Tribeca

Those who are honest, decisive, and intelligent will no doubt love the industrial-chic vibe of Tribeca. Rub shoulders with wealthy couples and families while enjoying upscale art galleries, trendy restaurants and bars, and really great views. It’s on the pricey side, but given your smarts and leadership skills, you no doubt can afford it.

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