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Bed Stuy Median Sale Price

Q4 2023 Median Sales Price

+42% From Q3 2023







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Living in Apartments in Bed Stuy

Bed Stuy is sandwiched between the uber-hip Williamsburg and Crown Heights to the north and south, respectively. Bed Stuy is populated by beautiful brownstones with more affordable rates than Brooklyn's other hot neighborhoods. The area gets its name from two separate neighborhoods that have fused together, the expansive area of Bedford, with the landmark district of Stuyvesant Heights. Diversity and constant development create an extremely enjoyable community within the Bed Stuy area.

Bed Stuy features a unified, residential community that is truly social, caring, and cooperative. This Central Brooklyn locale features peaceful, scenic streets that are full of thriving shops, cafes, markets, and restaurants. The area features a full-range of interesting eateries with offbeat atmosphere, not to mention fascinating nightlife destinations with live music and DJs to explore. Bed Stuy possesses an artistic aesthetic with grand murals and architecturally significant buildings throughout the area as well as amazing theatres and entertainment venues. Bed Stuy’s mix of families, professionals, and youthful residents celebrate their love for their neighborhood through a number of events throughout the year. The relaxed, family-friendly Bed Stuy neighborhood is continuously developing into one of Brooklyn’s most desired areas.

Bed Stuy Real Estate

Bed Stuy real estate features a great selection of brownstones, apartment buildings, and single family homes with a fascinating range of architectural styles. Bed Stuy rentals range from modest apartments in the $1,000 to $2,000 dollar range to luxury options reaching $30,000 or more. Bed Stuy homes can sell for anywhere between $200,000 to over $7 Million. This excellent location hosts a dramatically wide-range of options, offering opportunities for all homebuyers and renters.

Bed Stuy schools & education

Bed Stuy is home to some of the highest ranked public, private, and charter schools in NYC. New York City Geographic Districts 13 and 16 encompass the area. There is an impressive range of schools to choose from in this area with specialized courses of study and innovative curricula. The area has strong academic leadership in the administration and staff who strive to meet the needs of the area’s diverse population. Bed Stuy schools are revered for their creative approach to education and magnificent extracurricular activities. This phenomenal locale has a full-range of academic options for students.

Bed Stuy lifestyle & culture

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