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An overview of Boerum Hill

Largest nearby city: New York city, New York

Boerum Hill real estate

Boerum Hill Median Sale Price

Q4 2023 Median Sales Price

-15% From Q3 2023







Comparison data is vs. same period prior year. Bar chart data represents either Full Year Median or point-in-time Median Data for the current year.

Boerum Hill apartments

Living in Boerum Hill Apartments in NYC

Boerum Hill offers all of the perks of city living within a relaxed and quiet locale. The calming environment and over-the-top convenience of this neighborhood gives the impression of suburban living within NYC. The area is family-friendly and the unified community of residents is social and inviting, making newcomers feel right at home. Boerum Hill’s major highlights include its comfortable atmosphere, well-maintained streets, scenic foliage and inspiring architecture. The neighborhood also has a full range of culinary delights, enjoyable boutique shopping destinations, and a selection of local bars that serve as social hubs for residents.

Boerum Hill is extremely walkable and its artistic aesthetic and historic sites make it an absolute joy to explore. The gorgeous homes in Boerum Hill, in combination with its convenient location and commuting options, allow residents to live hassle-free lifestyles. This wonderful location offers a refreshing break from the fast-pace of NYC as well as a charming historical aesthetic. Residents love the opportunity to live in the serene Boerum Hill neighborhood and experience a sense of residential bliss while still having every contemporary amenity easily available.

Boerum Hill Real Estate

The Boerum Hill neighborhood has a magnificent community and a selection of wonderful housing options. The overall quality of this area has put its selection of brownstones, townhouses and condos in extremely high-demand. Boerum Hill rentals can range between $1,000 or $2,000 to over $10,000 per month. Properties typically list between $600,000 to over $10 Million, with numerous housing styles in between. The relaxing Boerum Hill area is ideal for families and professionals looking for a great location with a homey atmosphere.

Boerum Hill schools & education

The Boerum Hill area is in close proximity to numerous public, private, and charter schools. The area is served by New York City Geographic District #15, which has an excellent reputation as a progressive district that values familial involvement and constantly focuses on development to meet the needs of their student population. District #15 is home to some of the most desirable schools in NYC. Boerum Hill schools offer modern facilities and resources, specialized programs focused on student support, and many specified courses of study. Boerum Hill living provides a wide array of academic opportunities for students.

Boerum Hill lifestyle & culture

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