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NYC’s Chinatown Neighborhood

Chinatown has exceptional shopping, affordable and diverse dining, a one-of-a-kind nightlife scene, as well as fascinating cultural and historic attractions. Exploring Chinatown’s shopping districts and culinary scene provides a limitless sense of adventure. Even a cursory glance uncovers countless hidden gems that offer quality fare at affordable prices. Being situated between Manhattan’s Tribeca, Little Italy, SoHo and Lower East Side neighborhoods, Chinatown living provides numerous convenient commuting options as well as easy access to some of NYC’s most iconic neighborhoods. Chinatown has a selection of beautiful homes, ranging from affordable walk-up apartments to high-end condominium buildings.

Chinatown has deep roots with many long-time residents and business owners, which is reflected in the social and familial atmosphere of the neighborhood as well as the numerous historical sites throughout the area. Chinatown maintains its valuable traditions while undergoing constant modern development. Residents celebrate their community pride through popular and exciting cultural events that attract visitors from throughout New York and beyond. The true quality of this community is also evident in its top-notch schools and immaculately maintained parks, playgrounds, and recreational spaces. Chinatown is imbued with tradition, culture, and unity resulting in a spirited and welcoming community that residents are proud to be a part of.

Apartments in Chinatown, NYC

The Chinatown area of NYC is home to a varied selection of walk-up apartments and impressive condominium buildings. This ultra-convenient, centralized, Lower Manhattan location offers everything from affordable rentals of $2,000 or less to luxurious and spacious apartments in the $20,000 range. Some listings for the area’s magnificent apartments can range from 500k to 10 million dollars or more. Whether you are looking to rent or buy, Chinatown definitely has a home to meet your specific needs and budget!

Chinatown schools & education


Living in Chinatown provides access to phenomenal educational opportunities. The area is close to a wide range of public, private, and charter school options. Chinatown is served by the reputable New York City Geographic District #2, which has a strong reputation for top-rated and high-performing educational institutions. Schools in the area offer excellent academic services for preschool through high school with small classes sizes, allowing each student to receive individualized attention and instruction. The communal quality of the Chinatown neighborhood is reflected in the dedicated staff of the area’s schools. The area is also in nearby a number of distinguished universities. The Chinatown community clearly values educational excellence and there is no shortage of enriching academic options here.

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Chinatown lifestyle & culture

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