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Cobble Hill real estate

Cobble Hill Median Sale Price

Q4 2023 Median Sales Price

-71% From Q3 2023







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Cobble Hill apartments

Living in Cobble Hill Apartments in NYC

Similar in composition to its neighbors, Carroll Gardens and Brooklyn Heights, what makes this neighborhood different is its proximity to the F train and affordability over adjacent neighborhoods. Streets lined with beautiful early 19th century brownstones, and located near Smith and Court streets provide a unique mix of retail establishments for residents.

Cobble Hill has a pristine location with historical atmosphere and classical charm. The area’s artistic culture and intimate community creates an environment that feels like a retreat from city life. Locals love living in a relaxed community that offers the opportunity for unending excitement. Together, Cobble Hill’s brownstone-lined streets, river views and diverse community of residents create a wondrous environment to live in. The area perfectly blends old-world charm with modern amenities. The quiet enjoyment and residential bliss of this community is unparalleled and amazingly, this locale comes with a reasonable cost of living.

Residents love the walkability, scenery, and opportunities for exploration within the spacious, uncluttered Cobble Hill neighborhood. A culture of leisure in combination with great schools make this area a must-have for families. Locals clearly love their home and work hard to maintain the quality and class of the area. This is showcased by the clean streets and well cared for homes. Condos, homes, and apartments are highly sought after in Cobble Hill because of the communal charm and convenience of the locale.

Cobble Hill Real Estate

Cobble Hill has a wonderful selection of brownstones, condos, and apartments. The creative and charming aesthetic of the community adds to the cozy appeal of these properties. Cobble Hill apartments range in price between roughly $500,000 to over $10 Million or more. Cobble Hill real estate is diverse and competitive. Cobble Hill apartment rentals can be found for as low as $2,000 per month, but luxury homes rent for as much as $7,000 or more per month.

Cobble Hill schools & education

Cobble Hill is an excellent location for those seeking top-of-the-line educational facilities. This area is often sought about because of the excellent educational opportunities that it offers. Cobble Hill is served by the highly-praised, New York City Geographic District # 15, which is home to some of the most desirable schools in NYC. The district has a distinguished reputation for amazing schools, excellent administrative leadership, and dedicated staff members. Area schools offer enriching academics and a multitude of additional student supports. The district heavily emphasizes community engagement and familial involvement. With specified courses of study and a full range of supportive resources in an area that is known for academic excellence, you can’t beat the level of academic opportunity in Cobble Hill.

Cobble Hill lifestyle & culture

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