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Largest nearby city: New York city, New York

Dumbo real estate

Dumbo Median Sale Price

Q3 2021 Median Sales Price

+10% From Q2 2021







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Dumbo apartments

Living in Dumbo Apartments in NYC

Dumbo offers a wide variety of gorgeous homes with stunning skyline and waterfront views to complement this stylish and creative locale. The community is made up of youthful professionals and entrepreneurs as well as families. Dumbo is full of open natural spaces. These offer leisurely retreats and serve as communal centers for locals. The waterfront of the East River is a popular scenic, recreational destination. Dumbo has an inviting spirit and newcomers quickly feel like longtime residents.

The local feel of the area is bolstered by the thriving independent, locally-owned shops that line the streets, adding to the small-town appeal of the neighborhood. Dumbo is known for upscale dining options as well as casual cafes. The area’s nightlife is mellow and mature as many locals meet at trendy neighborhood bars. Residents celebrate Dumbo’s unique style through numerous cultural and community events.

This family-friendly locale, marked by quaint cobblestone streets, is somewhat of a hidden gem that can be tragically overlooked so be sure not to miss out on this beyond-amazing community. Set back from busy NYC districts, Dumbo is a great place to call home with a charming community that is truly dedicated to the quality of the area. Simply put, Dumbo is a phenomenal place to live.

Dumbo Real Estate

Dumbo features a diverse range of real estate selections, including many stylish, renovated condominium buildings as well as many classic New York buildings. The price of rentals ranges from approximately $3,000 to $15,000 and beyond. Dumbo property prices begin in the $300k to $400k range up to multi-million dollar listings, reaching well over $4 Million for larger, luxury options. Dumbo’s one-of-a-kind community has created significant interest in the area’s housing market.

Dumbo schools & education


Brooklyn’s Dumbo area offers a magnificent selection of extraordinary public, private, and charter schools. The amazing Dumbo community is committed to student success and optimal achievement. Area schools focus on innovation and development in order to meet the needs of their people. They offer modern facilities and resources, and focus on community and family involvement. The dynamic administration and faculty provide individualized support and curricula for students. The area is served by New York City Geographic District #14, which supplies a number of contemporary programs and courses of study to prepare students for higher education. The district offers academic enrichment programs, extensive supportive resources and carefully designed curricula. Dumbo offers endless academic opportunities.

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Elementary Schools 6 VIEW SCHOOLS »
Middle Schools 2 VIEW SCHOOLS »
High Schools 5 VIEW SCHOOLS »
Private Schools 6 VIEW SCHOOLS »
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Dumbo lifestyle & culture

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