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The Financial District (known to locals as FiDi) stands out from other Manhattan neighborhoods because of its intricate blend of commerce, tradition, history and community. This area plays a significant role in the international economy and hosts The New York Stock Exchange as well as the central offices for many major financial institutions. The neighborhood has also played a pivotal and significant role in United States history and the area’s cobblestone streets and historical architecture serve as a reminder of its influential past. While this symbolic locale certainly has the presence of a high-powered and respectable business district, it also has a continuously developing residential community. Many FiDi citizens have been drawn to the neighborhood because of its extremely convenient location, enviable commuting options, luxurious housing, as well as its reputation for being quiet and safe.

The Financial District has an ideal location, nestled between the Hudson and East Rivers and bordered by the distinguished Tribeca and Battery Park neighborhoods. The personality of the Financial District is truly unmatched as the neighborhood serves as both an energetic commercial hub and a peaceful, family-friendly residential area with a down-to-earth, communal atmosphere. The unique and distinguished environment of FiDi allows locals to take in everything that New York has to offer within one phenomenal location.

FiDi Apartments

The Financial District features a dynamic, growing population and there is a huge selection of apartments to meet the varied needs of this constant influx of new residents. Rentals can range anywhere from roughly $2,200 up to $20,000 or even more for this ultra-convenient location. There are also many Financial District luxury apartments for sale (some for up to $30 Million or more), but many more affordable Financial District apartments do exist, starting in the $425,000 range. The luxurious atmosphere of this locale is perfect for those seeking a contemporary upscale, authentic New York experience without leaving the area.

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Living in the Financial District provides residents with access to some of the most prestigious and high-ranking public, private and charter schools in NYC. FiDi is served by New York City Geographic District # 2, which has a strong reputation as an innovative and high-performing public district with a focus on constant development in order to accommodate student needs. Students are afforded numerous educational options and provided with excellent programs that include specialized courses of study and individualized curriculum from the elementary to high school levels. Living in the Financial District opens the door to endless academic opportunities.

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