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+11% From Q3 2023







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Greenwich Village Real Estate

Greenwich Village’s active and fun-loving culture has roots in the artistic and creative culture of NYC. The area is one of Manhattan’s premier neighborhoods and is a powerhouse for shopping, dining, entertainment, and nightlife. This trendy locale is a favorite among New Yorkers because of its diverse and close-knit community, small-town feel, and amazing parks and social centers. With convenient public transport and an unbeatable location, the area offers unparalleled convenience. Greenwich village streets are full of radiant foliage, independent shops, and cafes with outdoor dining, creating a leisurely and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Greenwich Village is a popular destination for foodies, students, and shopping enthusiasts because of its inexhaustible range of classy offerings. The presence of reputable universities and the wondrous Washington Square Park add to the already overwhelming appeal of the area. Greenwich Village features luxury apartment buildings, exquisite brownstones, and an assortment of walk-up apartments. The electrifying buzz of this neighborhood, combined with its comforting and low-key charm, creates a leisurely urban atmosphere.

Choosing Greenwich Village NYC Apartments

A historic home to bohemian artists and now home to bohemian millionaires, Greenwich Village real estate boasts a storied past as well as alluring surroundings. Residents of apartments in Greenwich Village are never at a loss for tasty brunch spots, great live music, or the green oasis of Washington Square Park, where you can rendezvous beneath the arch by the grand piano.

There is a vast selection of Greenwich Village apartments available. Rentals can range anywhere from roughly $1,800 to $25,000 or more for the artistic and old world charm of this neighborhood. There are numerous high-end Greenwich Village luxury apartments for sale up to $30 Million or so, but many affordable apartments in Greenwich Village do exist, starting around $375,000.

Greenwich Village schools & education

The Greenwich Village neighborhood provides access to a number of esteemed private, public and charter schools. The area is served by New York City Geographic District # 2, which has a strong reputation as one of the most high-performing districts in NYC. Greenwich Village living provides students with a wide array of excellent educational options with a variety of fascinating courses of study and enriching, student-focused, individualized programs available. The area is also in close proximity to major universities and adult education facilities, allowing students of all ages to pursue their goals with quality academic institutions.

Greenwich Village lifestyle & culture

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