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Largest nearby city: New York city, New York

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Little Italy Real Estate

Little Italy’s apartments, townhomes, and condos boast some truly breathtaking architecture. The Little Italy district has a distinct atmosphere and hosts numerous cultural and community events throughout the year. The area is extremely walkable and the surroundings emanate classic New York charm. Due to its location and enviable quality, Little Italy is largely made up of long-time residents and homes are in high-demand by professionals and families seeking out the area because of its excellent commuting options and endless amenities. Living in Little Italy provides a world-class lifestyle.

It is important to note that food is a vital element of the Little Italy community and its residents take cuisine very seriously. Little Italy’s diverse culinary scene provides high-class dishes in ambient settings with many outdoor dining options available. Great food and great service are staples of Little Italy and this prideful tradition extends throughout the area’s markets, cafes, pizza shops and bakeries. While the area does feature a great deal of Italian fare, Little Italy also offers a surprisingly diverse range of cuisines, including a full gamut of Asian restaurants thanks to the close proximity to Chinatown. This area has high-class culinary options for every taste imaginable. This small section of Manhattan has so much to offer and residents are proud to call Little Italy home!

Choosing Little Italy NYC Apartments

The Little Italy area of NYC offers a pleasurable living experience and is home to a varied selection of walk-up apartments, classic townhouses, modern developments, and impressive condominium buildings. This spectacular, Lower Manhattan location offers everything from affordable rentals within the $2,000 range to more luxurious and spacious options that are priced between $10,000 and $20,000 monthly. Real estate listings for Little Italy condos and homes can be found for between 1 and 2 million dollars and climb upwards of 60 million dollars, with many options in between. Little Italy has a great selection of rentals and listings for those seeking to live in this dynamic and constantly developing cultural hub.

Little Italy schools & education

Manhattan’s Little Italy neighborhood is located extremely close to a multitude of highly-respected public, private, and charter schools as well as numerous adult education institutions and universities. The area is served by the New York City Geographic District # 2, one of the most high-performing and sought-after districts in NYC. Schools near the Little Italy area are known for their dedication to student success, individualized support and modern educational methodologies. Living within the Little Italy community provides residents with access to a wide-array of academic options with varied courses of study and enriching programs available. Students can attend high-quality academic institutions from preschool to college.

Little Italy lifestyle & culture

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