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Largest nearby city: New York city, New York

Long Island City real estate

Long Island City Median Sale Price

Q4 2023 Median Sales Price

+11% From Q3 2023







Comparison data is vs. same period prior year. Bar chart data represents either Full Year Median or point-in-time Median Data for the current year.

Long Island City apartments

Living in Long Island City Apartments NYC

Long Island City is an exciting, eclectic, and constantly developing area with an atmosphere that remains down-to-earth despite the area's energetic buzz. With luxurious condos, modern homes with endless amenities, and speedy commuting options, Long Island City is always rising in popularity among New Yorkers seeking a neighborhood that is classy and tranquil, beyond the reach of busier NYC districts. Long Island City possesses its own distinct culture and offers beyond-gorgeous parks and gardens, fascinating, locally-owned shops and small businesses, amazing community events and unending entertainment options. The area features a huge collection of phenomenal museums as well as cultural attractions, iconic landmarks, and exquisite architecture.

Though the area feels very much tucked away from the rest of NYC, residents are able to commute throughout the city with ease, with rapid transit options to Manhattan. There are many major highlights to living in Long Island City, from the awe-inspiring skyline views to the affordability and convenience of the locale. It is no surprise that many NYC professionals are seeking out Long Island City homes.

Long Island City Real Estate

One of the greatest perks of this social Queen’s community is the opportunity to live in a magnificent location that affords a high-class lifestyle with a reasonable cost of living. Long Island City offers a mix of row homes, condos, and apartments at a variety of price points. Rentals can start from as low as $1,500, with more spacious and luxurious options that will rent for as much as $10,000 or more. There are also many Long Island City properties available for sale, for prices ranging from $300k to over $10 Million. With a full-range of options, renters and buyers will surely find a home that meets their budget and specifications.

Long Island City schools & education

Long Island City features numerous reputable public, private, and charter schools, all of which have deep roots in the community. The area is served by New York City Geographic District #30 which is known for quality schools and its special, student-focused programs. Long Island City schools offer a full range of services and resources to support student needs. These institutions emphasize familial involvement in the educational process. Living in Long Island City provides residents with spectacular educational opportunities at every stage of their educational careers.

Long Island City lifestyle & culture

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