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Upper East Side apartments

Upper East Side Real Estate

Apartments on the Upper East Side of NYC can be found within a number of smaller communities that are included within its boundaries, including Lenox Hill, Carnegie Hill, and Yorkville. At one point known as the Silk Stocking District, it’s now one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in New York City. The Upper East Side is filled to the brim with class and culture. The area offers an authentic NYC experience with elegant dining options, upscale shopping, gorgeous streetscapes, mellow nightlife, and access to the wondrous Central Park. The atmosphere ebbs and flows between fast-paced and low-key, but thanks to the abundance of neighborhood parks, a quiet refuge can always be found. This community is known for its stylish aesthetic, amazing schools, convenient commuting. There are many housing options on the Upper East Side, including dreamy brownstones, sleek townhomes, superb high-rise buildings, and an array of affordable walk-up apartments. The close-knit community of residents consist of a good mix of families, youthful professionals, and students.

Apartments in Upper East Side NYC

Upper East Side apartments are abundant and can be both affordable and expensive for NYC standards. With such a large stock of Upper East Side apartments available, there’s a huge range of price points for both rentals and sales. Rentals start around $1,700/month, while Upper East Side luxury apartments rent for as much as $500,000/month. There are also many Upper East Side penthouses up for sale, up to around $80 Million – but more affordable properties are available, starting around $225,000. The Upper East Side has a sophisticated and mature atmosphere, a deep sense of history, numerous recreational spaces and playgrounds, beautiful greenery, and the opportunity to visit expansive parks with complete ease. All of these appealing aspects create a peaceful appeal that, in combination with the area’s reputation for affordability, draws a steady influx of new residents. Upper East Side homes and apartments are extremely desirable, and after experiencing this enlightening location it is easy to understand why.

Upper East Side schools & education

The Upper East Side neighborhood has several reputable private, public, and charter schools, as well as numerous universities. The area is served by New York City Geographic District #2, which has a strong reputation as one of the most high-performing districts in NYC. Living on the Upper East Side allows students access to a wide selection of distinguished academic institutions with numerous special programs and extracurricular activities. The Upper East Side is an educational powerhouse with an unlimited range of academic paths for students to explore.

Upper East Side lifestyle & culture

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