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Upper West Side Real Estate

Living in NYC’s Upper West Side neighborhood is an almost surreal experience. The area borders Central Park and is full of antique churches, historical architecture, famous landmarks, and beyond-beautiful homes. The Upper West Side offers a small-town feel within a dazzling setting that features river views, adorable shops and cafes, abundant foliage, and a plethora of open, green spaces. This area is also in walking distance of many additional iconic and exciting Manhattan neighborhoods. Residents enjoy active and enriching lifestyles with access to numerous museums, entertainment venues, and cultural attractions. This low-key section of NYC has a close-knit community that appreciates the calming environment of their neighborhood while still being able to participate in an endless selection of recreation and leisure activities. With expansive greenery within an exciting city center, it is easy to see why The Upper West Side is such a desirable NYC locale.

Shopping For Upper West Side Apartments

While Manhattan has no shortage of green blocks and cultural outposts, apartments in the Upper West Side of NYC boast quick access to both Lincoln Center and Central Park—enough to satisfy anyone with a taste for the performing arts and pastoral charm. There is no shortage of Upper West Side apartments available, no matter what your price range. Apartments for rent on the Upper West Side of NYC can range anywhere from as low as $1,500, up to $50,000 or more per month. There are also many luxury apartments in the Upper West Side that sell for as much as $60 Million, but many more affordable units can be purchased starting around $230,000.

Upper West Side schools & education

Residents on the Upper West Side place a strong value on education and this is clearly reflected in the quality of the schools in the area. The area offers a selection of reputable private, charter, and public institutions. New York City Geographic Districts 2 and 3 serve the Upper West Side. Both of these public districts have achieved some of the top-ranking schools in NYC by focusing on innovative methodologies as well as community and family engagement. These districts are also highly praised due to their accessible and dedicated staff and administration. The public schools in The Upper West Side offer specialized programs for gifted students as well as individualized courses of study that are aimed at meeting the specific needs of students. The neighborhood also hosts some world-famous universities. The high level of student support and a wide range of academic opportunities on the Upper West Side bolsters the already overwhelming appeal of this fantastic locale.

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