Rental investment management.

Platinum Management was founded in 2009 to serve the needs of private foreign and domestic investors. Offering a suite of services, we provide solutions for condominium and co-op rental owners, pied-à-terre owners, or a combination of both. Custom-tailored to fit the needs of each client, our goal is to maximize real estate investors’ returns through hands-on, proactive and professional property management. With Platinum Management, you can increase your revenue stream while mitigating the stresses associated with real estate ownership.
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  • Qualify any potential tenants with credit, income, and asset requirements. Draft lease agreements and riders to ensure our clients are well protected.
  • Coordinate move in walk through with tenant to note any existing damage invoice for rent monthly.
  • Collect rent monthly.
  • Pay all expenses including but not limited to maintenance, HOA fees, property taxes, etc.
  • Bid out any repairs or maintenance to be completed and ensure pricing is as competitive as possible.
  • Coordinate seasonal maintenance of the HVAC and heating systems.
  • Provide detailed monthly reports indicating income and expenses incurred.
  • Hold tenant security deposits as required by law handle all tenant issues and inquiries.
  • In the event of tenant default, pursue legal action to recoup any outstanding fund.


A property with a monthly rent earns $18,720 more per year with Platinum than a self-managed property.

Over 30 years, that adds up to $561,600 of potential savings. At a fraction of the price of a self-management investment, Platinum helps you achieve your goals faster.

In 30 years a self-managed property charging $6,000 per month would have earned $2,160,000 . While the same investment managed by Platinum could earn $2,721,600 , assuming a 5 percent higher than average rent for 30 years with 2 percent savings in maintenance costs with a 8.5% lower vacancy rate with a 2 percent reduction in repair/maintenance costs with 1 percent discount on capital improvements and a 20 percent discount on insurance.

90,720 / yr
72,000 / yr

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