Jason is one in a million as far as genuine NYC Real Estate Brokers go

Jason is one in a million as far as genuine NYC Real Estate Brokers go. I was lucky enough to get in contact with him early in my apartment search. 

It started from the way beginning where he responded to my first inquiry with a list of questions for me to answer, so he could best understand everything I wanted in my future apartment. 

That led to multiple hour long phone calls at all hours of the day/night with him providing knowledge of the NYC Real Estate Markets to myself and working his hardest to learn all about myself so he could find the perfect apartment for my friends and I. I felt I could ask him any question in the world and would always get the truth back from him. 

I ended up looking into some apartments with Jason and he was just as helpful in person, showing us a variety of great apartment options in different neighborhoods. He was sure to clearly state all of the differences between the apartments and everything they had to offer. 

Unfortunately one of my friends ended up speaking with another broker who ended up showing us a different apartment we really liked which had a later move in date which was in our favor. You would think upon hearing this Jason would lose interest in talking with us, since the sale was gone, but this was not the case what so ever. 

Jason continued to look for the perfect place for my friends and I, just in case the apartment we had our eyes on fell through. Jason even called me to update me and ask how our search was going, giving me great information on my entire process. 

Before signing our lease with another broker, Jason was the first person I went to, to ask all of the questions I had about the lease/new broker I was working with and if there was anything I should look out for. I spent an hour on a three way call with Jason and my roommate the night prior to our lease signing and he answered everything for us and made us feel comfortable going forward. He did this out of the kindness of his heart and truly wanted to make sure we were not being played in any manner and were getting the best deal we could. 

I would 100% recommend Jason to anyone looking for an apartment in New York City and have already shared his number with multiple friends of mine of whom I know are looking to make the move into the city in the coming months. 

My mind is at ease knowing that I will have Jason to go to when my next lease runs out and am looking for a new apartment. 

Thank you Jason for providing me with such a positive NYC real estate experience!

Dan R.

29 Jan. 2017