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A Realtor’s full-time job is working with buyers and sellers, this means that they have the resources and time to schedule showings and market your home to buyers. Especially in the New York market, being available to take phone calls about a property or be there to show a property to an interested party is important. If you are doing it all yourself you will have to juggle your full-time job as well as being available whenever someone wants to speak about your home. Potential buyers are likely to move on to other listings if you are missing calls or unavailable for showings. 


Negotiating the sale of a home can be tricky. People put a lot of emotional value into their home and it can be difficult to negotiate directly with a buyer or seller. Realtors spend their career building relationships with other Realtors, which helps them to negotiate the purchase or sale of a home smoothly. A seller can reject an offer for any reason, so it is beneficial to have a Realtor on your side to advocate for you and smooth things over if the deal takes a turn. 


There is a lot of paperwork that goes along with buying and selling your home. One of the most important pieces of paperwork is the offer to purchase contract. The offer to purchase contract is there to protect you and give you a way to back out of the deal if necessary. If you were to fail to add a line in the contract about financing and your mortgage doesn’t end up getting approved, you could lose the deposit on your home and end up being sued. Realtors work with the same contracts all the time, meaning they are able to add or remove conditions as needed to ensure you are protected. 


Realtors are required to work with your best interest at heart – if you work directly with a buyer or seller you are both working for your own interest. If you are doing a sale yourself you will want to consult with a lawyer to ensure everything is legitimate with a purchase, this can be very costly. You have little recourse when working directly with a buyer or seller if you find out later that they have lied about things such as multiple offers or the condition of the home.


While there certainly are people who are qualified to buy or sell their home on their own, the average person isn’t. Real estate transactions are huge financial decisions that bring a lot of stress, having someone in your corner who is advocating for you and helping you navigate this huge decision is invaluable. 


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