You’ve finished your hunt for the perfect New York City apartment and are faced with the daunting task of packing your belongings. Here are a few tips from Manhattan luxury apartment broker Platinum Properties to help make the big move easier.

1. Separate the Essentials.

The moving process can be exhausting and chances are you won’t get everything unpacked in one day. Prepare an overnight bag with your toiletries, laptop and a change of clothes for easy access to items you will need immediately.

2. Number and Record

Number each box and make sure you write it down! This will ensure your belongings aren’t stolen, missing or left behind.

3. Create Handles.

Use a box cutter to create handles. It makes your boxes easier to carry and reduces undeeded stress on your back.

4. Color Coordinate

Use different-colored duct tape to organize your boxes room by room. Instead of sorting through each box wondering where your kitchen appliances are, this trick will make unpacking by room go more quickly and smoothly.

5. Feed the Help

Moving is a strenuous process and whether you’ve hired professional movers or called in a few favors, they will be tired, thirsty and hungry from all the heavy-lifting. The happier and more energized they are, the more careful they will be with your valuables!

6. Use Your Clothes

Why waste money on space-eating bubble wrap when you can use your t-shirts? By wrapping your breakables in your clothes, you are padding your fragile goods and storing your Rolling Stones t-shirt.

7. Use Garbage Bags

Use garbage bags to pack your closet. Pull a trash bag around your hanging clothes from the bottom, then cinch the top to make sure the hangers don’t fall out. It may not look pretty, but you’ll be thanking yourself when you are able to restore your closet in under 5 minutes.

8. Pack Plates with Plates

Use foam plates to pack your dishware. This trick not only prevents your plates from breaking, it keeps them organized as well.

9. Press’n Seal

Cover your drawers with Press’n Seal to keep your items intact. Move without worrying which items go in which drawer. Try this on your jewelry displays and utensil storage too!


Take photos of wires BEFORE you unplug your master control center. The multitude of wires behind your TV or desktop computer can be confusing. Save time trying to re-decipher how your electronics connect by taking a picture before you disable them.


Try these tips on your next big move to save time and money.
And if you have yet to find a place to move into, contact Platinum Properties at 212-481-2002 to find your new home!