There’s just something about snow outside of the city, right? As much as we all love a good snow day away from the office here in the Big Apple, the snow on our sidewalks quickly goes from white to muck almost as soon as it hits the pavement. It’s not easy to enjoy snow when it’s more like brown slush staining your new suede boots than the pillowy-looking postcard that it is upstate. Well… this is your perfect excuse to get out of town! So hop in a ZipCar or on the Amtrak and enjoy one of our favorite spots for a winter wonderland weekend getaway.

Mad River Valley, Vermont
Distance: 5 hours by car or train
Mad River Valley in the beautiful state of Vermont is most known for its ski terrain, specifically Sugarbush Mountain. Ski and snowboard enthusiasts from near and far flock to Sugarbush for its amazing scenery and challenging slopes. Don’t worry if you aren’t real steady on a pair of skis though, there are plenty of activities in this quaint town. Enjoy resorts, spas, local restaurants and pubs, and boutique shopping while relaxing in the “chilled out” state of mind that is Vermont.

Lake Placid, New York
Distance: 5 hours by car
Lake Placid is best known for its prime location amongst the Adirondack Mountains and its place in history as the location for the 1980 Olympic games. Sure, you know the scenery is amazing but Lake Placid can also hold the interest of the outdoorsy adventurer looking for some cross-country skiing or ice skating. Sip hot chocolate in one of the town’s many lodges and breathe in the mountain air while taking a break from the sounds of taxi cabs and snow plows.

Hudson Valley, New York
Distance: 2 hours by car or train
If you’ve lived in the Big City for a reasonable amount of time you’ve probably visited or at least heard of the Hudson Valley. It may be the unofficial retreat from city living in Manhattan, and that’s no different come NYC winter weekend getaway time. While you likely won’t be speeding down mountains on a snowboard (hence, “valley”), you’ll have plenty of winter charm to soak up in this easily accessible destination from the city. Sip good coffee or check out the local art scene, and stay at one of Hudson Valley’s many charming Inns. If you’re looking for a quick escape without a lot of hassle but with a completely different feel from the city (we aren’t talking “uptown” like UES or Harlem here), head up to Hudson Valley for some good eats and culture.

Washington, Connecticut
Distance: 2 hours by car
Looking for the ultimate New England warm and fuzzy feeling without a trip too far north? Look no further than Washington, Connecticut. For a quick visualization of what to expect in Washington, just know that the popular TV series Gilmore Girls’ modeled their town “Stars Hollow” after this particular spot north of the city. You may feel like you stepped into a coastal Massachusetts town with the area’s Colonial homes and traditional town square. Sit back and relax at one of the town’s many bed and breakfasts or spend your day at a local spa. Only two hours out of town and you’ll feel like you are days away from the city.

As much as we love our concrete jungle of New York City, sometimes it feels good to step away for a winter weekend getaway. Enjoy the sound of untouched snow under your feet and the view of trees covered in white. Trust us, it will be much more Instagram-worthy than the block of black ice outside your East Village walk-up. So sit back and enjoy your relaxing winter weekend getaway!