If a glue gun is almost too much for you to handle, you may think that DIY renovations aren’t for you. Well, think again! Whether you want to make some upgrades to the NYC apartment you just purchased, or you are in desperate need for some reversible updates to your rental that you can undo when you move out, we’ve got the projects for you. These renovations are super easy, can be completed in a weekend (or less), and don’t require you to have any special skills. They also offer a huge bang for your buck, elevating your personal space to the next level. Let us know which ones you decide to try!

Hang temporary wallpaper

Are those white walls getting you down? Some landlords just won’t budge when it comes to painting the walls anything other than a neutral shade. But that doesn’t mean you can’t infuse your apartment with personality. Temporary wallpaper is like magic, and it’s great if you need to eventually remove it, if you like to switch things up on the regular, or if wallpaper paste makes you anxious. There are tons of places online where you can score temporary wallpaper in designs that range from edgy urban to classic British. You can even have it made with your own custom designs. All you need to do to hang it is have a clean wall and a utility knife to trim the edges. Some brands are even repositionable in case you make a boo-boo. This is about as idiot-proof as you can get, and the results can be dramatic.

Update hardware

Nothing says “cheap” and “boring” like those dated, antiqued-brass drawer pulls and knobs around your apartment. You can give your cabinets and furniture a whole new look by simply switching out the knobs or pulls. All you need for this project is a screwdriver and a measuring tape if you’re replacing pulls, so you can measure the distance between the holes. Again, there are several places online where you can find knobs or pulls to suit your tastes. Another easy way to update your hardware without a lot of time or expense is to simply spray paint them (though this is a permanent change). Remove the hardware, clean them, and then give them a couple of coats of paint. You’ll be surprised what a difference it can make.

Change the flooring

If you think there’s nothing you can do about that dingy linoleum, you’re wrong. While adhesive tiles have been available for years and have saved many an apartment-dweller from having to stare at an ugly floor, there’s now an even better option. Floating vinyl floors require no adhesive whatsoever. Each vinyl plank overlaps with and sticks to the one next to it. Once it’s installed, it “floats” over the existing floor and is easy to remove with no damage. The hardest part about this project is cutting the pieces to fit around curves, but it’s worth the effort when you see the results.

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