New York. The city we love that empties our bank accounts. And that is especially true when it comes to our apartments. Moving to the city is not a commitment to be taken lightly and that becomes quite clear to most people when they start apartment hunting. On top of brokers fees and moving expenses that come with initially finding a place to call home in the Big Apple, ongoing monthly expenditures for an NYC apartment can be a source of stress for anyone. Learn a few tips and tricks from the NYC experts here at Platinum Properties.

Say No to Cable Potential Savings: $100+/month

If you’re moving to the city after living at home with your parents or in a place where expenses are much lower, you might be used to your premium HD cable with DVR in every room. Sure, it’s a nice to have but the expense of having 400+ channels, most of which you will never watch, can really add up.

There are plenty of options outside of traditional cable. Purchase an Apple TV that allows you to access apps like Netflix, Hulu, HBOGO, and Amazon Prime right from your television. You can spend less than $10 a month on an app like Hulu and still access your favorite primetime shows within 24 hours of them airing – so you won’t miss out on the watercooler catch-up of your must-watch series. You can also try an antenna to pick up local channels in HD!

Share Your Internet Potential Savings: $40+/month

Do you have a nice neighbor you trust? Are you buds with the guy upstairs? If you have someone in close vicinity of your apartment, have you thought about sharing your Wi-Fi? Find a neighbor you don’t mind sharing bills with and see if the signal is strong enough in your apartment. You can always invest in an inexpensive Wi-Fi booster to strengthen the signal from another unit. Sharing Wi-Fi is a great way to cut down on your Internet expenses.

Invest in Good Fans and Black-Out Curtains Potential Savings: $50+/month 

We all know how brutal NYC summers can be, and the last thing you want to be doing is sweating through your REM cycle every night. If you don’t have good ceiling or floor fans in your apartment you might be clicking on that A/C unit before you really need to. If you would rather not or can’t install overhead fans, an oscillating floor fan at the foot of your bed can do wonders for a sweaty night’s sleep. A durable fan can absolutely extend that amount of time before you need to click on your A/C, which uses a lot of power and can significantly increase your electric bill every month.

To keep your apartment cool during warm months, you should also purchase some heavy-duty blackout curtains. Not only will they come in handy on those Sunday mornings when you’re fighting a hangover, if closed during the week when you’re at the office all day you will prevent sunlight from glaring into the apartment. The less sunlight you have coming in during the day, the cooler your apartment will stay and the less you’ll have to run expensive air conditioning units.

Finding the right electric company can also save you serious cash. Visit Best New York Electricity Company Guides to find one that’s right for you.

Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate Potential Savings: It’s Up to You!

Most people don’t know that cable and internet providers will typically negotiate with you on pricing, especially if you are threatening to go to another provider or cancel your service altogether. If you know you absolutely want to keep your cable or you don’t want to share internet, try negotiating with various vendors and see where you can get the best price. You might be surprised how flexible they will be to get your business!

In an amazing city like NYC the last thing you want to be doing is turning down dinner or happy hour invitations because your bills are too high. It’s easy to make a few sacrifices so that you can maximize your experience in one of the best cities in the world!