It’s not easy to keep up with trends, but it’s a lot harder to change your home with the times as much as say… a wardrobe. Some of the home decor trends for 2017 might be easier to replicate than you think. So, if you’re in the mood to freshen up your apartment’s look, here are some of our favorite décor trends for this year.

Bathrooms That Look Like Living Rooms

In the past, bathrooms have been rather sterile, basic, clean looking spaces. These rooms were never the focus from an interior design perspective, but times are changing! Your water closet is now a space to be given a little TLC with items like graphic wallpaper, vibrant light fixtures, ornate mirrors, and furniture-like pieces such as dressers or cabinets. It’s even easy to do on a budget.

Outdoor Fabric Used Indoors

This may sound out of the ordinary, but outdoor fabrics are not what they used to be. They are made of durable fabrics with the look of traditional indoor upholstery. For those of you with kids or pets, outdoor fabrics will be easier to keep clean while keeping your living room looking fresh and modern. This home trend for 2017 is a win-win.

Colored Stainless Steel

Colored stainless steel? Yes, it’s a thing and it’s on trend for 2017. Appliances no longer just come in silver. LG has introduced its “Black” stainless steel collection while others offer silver alternatives like a Bronze finish. While appliances are a more expensive upgrade, especially for those living in NYC apartments, they can give a kitchen an entirely new look.

Bright Green with Envy

If you don’t have the money or desire for new appliances but want a fresh, hip look – color is king. Bright Green is the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year and it’s the newest trend in home décor. A fresh coat of paint will give your place a makeover on a budget, or try a vibrant green accent chair for a new look.

Nailhead Details

Nailheads are back! We see this trend popping up time and time again. Nailheads are used in various places in home décor and we love them every time. Pick up a cute ottoman with a nailhead design, or if you’re on a budget you should have no problem finding nailhead accent pillows. This industrial, yet sophisticated look complements any style your apartment might have.

Tropical Prints

You’ve seen them on the runway but now they’re hitting your apartment – tropical prints! To get this look while pinching pennies try a small wall or bathroom with a tropical print wallpaper. If you don’t have a problem making more of a commitment to this trend why not pick up an upholstered chair with that island flair.


Regardless of if you took this elective in college, we can all appreciate the raw and earthy look of a nice ceramic piece. Perhaps it’s a piece of hanging artwork or just a vase you picked up at an arts festival, but the artisanal finish of a ceramic is one of the hottest trends in home décor for 2017. Luckily these pieces are functional and easily switched out if it turns out that the trend goes out as quickly as it came in.

There’s nothing like freshening up your living space for a new look and lease on life. By adding a few of these home trends for 2017 to your décor you’ll feel like the hippest member of your social circle. And giving your space a facelift doesn’t require a huge budget. With a few simple additions to your collection, you’ll have your space feeling like new in no time.