Meet our team: Katya Hrabianiuk

Join us for a casual conversation with an amazing individual who helps make Platinum Properties such a special place for our agents, staff and clients. 

Platinum: It’s great to have a chance to get to know you, Katya. Where are you from?

Katya: I’m originally from Belarus. I was born in Minsk, the capital. It’s a very small country right in the heart of Europe. I moved to New York City almost 7 years ago.

Platinum: When did you become interested in real estate?

Katya: About 2 years ago, I was having lunch with my friend who was in real estate. I told her my job was not the right fit for me and I needed a change. She immediately suggested real estate. It’s dynamic, always new and perfect for someone like me who genuinely enjoys working with other people. I registered for real estate training classes the following day!

Platinum: Many say “Real Estate is a great career because you set your own schedule”. Is that true?

Katya: Honestly, I feel like I’m much busier with real estate than I was with any of my previous jobs. I’m definitely happier, but it’s much more work than I expected. It may seem like you can be free anytime or work whenever you want. But you are actually working 24/7. There is no 6 o’clock and you’re done. It never ends.

Platinum: Can you give us an example of yourself in action? What does a typical day look like in your job?

Katya: I do my best to make everything work. Sometimes, it feels like a situation has no positive outcome, but I still manage to find a way.

Platinum: You probably had some dreams of what real estate was going to look like before you started. How has the reality differed from what you expected?

Katya: I thought showing an apartment was all I needed to do. The reality is that showing itself is just the beginning of a whole process, which I have to make sure is something cheerful and stress-free for my clients. And in most cases they end up in a different apartment from the one they initially inquired about so the process also involves looking at as many apartments as needed until we find the right one.

Building rapport is also a very important part. Unfortunately, there are a lot of agents who are just thinking about closing the deal fast which in my opinion is the worst mistake a real estate agent can do. We have to make sure we’re putting our clients into the place where they will be happy and want to stay as long as they can. I do not treat my clients as clients; they’re my friends who I truly care about.

Platinum: What would your perfect day look like?

Katya: My perfect day would start with going to the gym or doing some yoga in the morning – that helps me set the right tone for the day. I try to plan my day the evening before by making notes of what I need to do during the day, so once I get to work, I get started right away. In the morning, I usually follow up with my clients, answer e-mails, check the new inventory and post new ads.

Ideally I have an afternoon filled with appointments to show listings. After, I do quick follow-up e-mails and plan the next day. After work I usually stay out with my colleagues or see my friends before going home.

Platinum: What’s the most important thing in your life?

Katya: Family. My parents live in Belarus, so I make sure to devote some time during the day to get in touch with them as I don’t get to see them that often.

Platinum: Do you have a philosophy you live by? What drives you?

Katya: My parents always told me, “you can achieve anything in life if you have a dream and you work hard for this dream.” That’s my philosophy now. And that’s what makes me a hustler.

Platinum:  What are you most excited about in the new year? Are there opportunities or types of clients you are going to target?

Katya: I am excited about the new challenges and new opportunities. Every deal brings a different type of experience. I’m also very excited about the condominium building – 225 Rector Place – my partner Christina and I are working in right now. It is located in Battery Park City, and our new little office just opened its doors last February. This is an amazing building where we are excited about the new relationships with the people who live and own here.

Battery Park City is one of my favorite neighborhoods in New York. With its parks, greens, water and vibe it very different and unique. It is like an escape from the City within the City! So I am also very excited about the people who are going to move here in 2018 as this is an experience they never had before!

A special thanks to Katya Hrabianiuk. Learn more and contact Katya directly at 347-901-34841 or through our website. Also, connect with Katya on Instagram and Facebook.