Meet our team: Constantinos Katehis

Join us for a casual conversation with an amazing individual who helps make Platinum Properties such a special place for our agents, staff, and clients. 

Platinum: So your name is Constantinos but you go by Gus.

Constantinos: Yeah, it’s a common nickname for Constantinos for Greek people. I’ve been called Gus my whole life.

Platinum: Okay, Gus, can you tell us a little bit about how you got into real estate?

Constantinos: In 2012, I got into real estate because I was looking for a new career. And I’ve always been very interested in the New York City market and so I figured I would turn my passion into a career move. I work mostly with residential properties in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Platinum: So you’ve been in the business for 7 years. Wow. What are some of the things today that you have now that you wish you had known or done in your first year in real estate?

Constantinos: I wish I’d had a better understanding of sales processes, which would have allowed me to jumpstart the sales career a little sooner. But just like any career, it’s live and learn.

Platinum: What’s an example of what your average day looks like?

Constantinos: I wake up, I walk my dog, get some coffee and knock out some emails. I go to the gym then I try to hit the office. I’m usually getting there by between 10 or 11 and do whatever the day calls for, whether its meeting with a client, showing or closing homes, and then dinner with friends or sometimes clients.

Platinum: What is your favorite aspect of being a real estate agent.

Constantinos: Making new connections. A lot of my clients have become my friends. Plus, being a realtor is also kind of a cool party trick because every time you’re out at a get together everybody wants to know about the market. So you don’t have to try very hard to talk about it or get excited about it when those around you are as well.  I usually give them funny anecdotes that give them a taste of the less flattering side of a real estate. Or the “Insider’s Guide” to whatever we might be discussing.

Platinum: So what do you love most about your area? Do you have a favorite area favorite landmark? Favorite hangout?

Constantinos: Brooklyn and Manhattan are my two favorite places in New York. Most of my businesses is now being done Brooklyn. But I would say my favorite thing about where I live now is being so close to Central Park. It’s a great place to walk my dog, meet the neighbors, especially before 9am, when there are leash free rules and so many local people are out walking their pets and drinking coffee. When I lived in Brooklyn, I lived near Prospect Park so that was what I did in Prospect Park as well. So that’s my favorite thing, spending time in these parks.

Platinum: That sounds like a very cool way to start each day. One last question, What philosophy do you live by? What’s the most important thing? What Drives you?

Constantinos: Respect everyone. Fear no one.  I often have that phrase ringing in my head. It’s very motivating. It applies to social gatherings and throughout my career.


A special thanks to Constantinos Katehis. Learn more and contact Constantinos directly at 917-981-7708 or through our website. Also, connect with Constantinos on Instagram.