Are you ready for the big day? Moving day, that is. It’s safe to say that nobody likes moving – especially in New York City. But if you plan properly and pack up your stuff like a pro, moving day will be a little less stressful. Here’s what you need to do.


Why on earth would you move one more box than is absolutely necessary? First things first – do a big purge of your stuff. Track down a copy of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and vow to only move the stuff that brings you joy. Once you’ve collected all your items for donation, schedule to have them picked up – it’s so much easier than schlepping them to the nearest Goodwill.

Collect boxes and supplies

Once you’ve decided what you’re taking with you, it’s time to start collecting the boxes you’ll need. If you think you have enough, you probably don’t. It’s easy to underestimate just how many boxes it will take to properly pack your belongings. If you’re on a budget, check CraigsList for posts advertising free or cheap used boxes. If you’ve got cash to spare for your move, make it easy by having boxes delivered through City Moving Boxes. Are you worried about the environment? Then rent the eco-friendly, reusable moving boxes from Gorilla Bins. Don’t forget to stock up on other moving supplies like bubble wrap, packing tape, and markers.

Pack non-essentials first

Not sure what to pack up first? Start with all your non-essentials. This could include your books, out-of-season clothing, extra sheets and towels, small kitchen appliances, and décor. Pack heavy items like books in small boxes – especially if you’ll be carrying them up more than one flight of stairs. Inside each box, put the heavy items on the bottom and light items on top. Wrap breakables in bubble wrap. Fill up any empty spaces with towels, clothes, pillows, and other soft items. Be sure each box is securely taped shut and mark on the outside the contents in marker.

Gather up essentials

About a week before the move, start packing up everything except what you can’t live without for a few days. Those items that you need every day should go in their own separate boxes or bags that you keep with you at all times. This includes your important papers like your birth certificate and passport, valuables like jewelry or family heirlooms, money and credit cards, cell phones, laptops, toiletries and medication. Also, include a few changes of clothes and pajamas as well as toilet paper and a few cleaning supplies.

Hire help

Does the thought of doing all this packing give you a headache? We don’t blame you. Fortunately, it’s easy to hire help. You can go all-out and hire a full-service moving company who will do the packing for you. Or you can opt for a la carte services. Hire a pair of helping hands off Task Rabbit. Or call in some favors, ply your friends with pizza and beer and have a packing party one weekend.

Get more information

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