The West Village is a charming neighborhood in Manhattan known for its picturesque tree-lined streets, historic brownstone buildings, and trendy restaurants and boutiques. The area has a bohemian feel with its mix of upscale dining spots, cozy cafes, and lively bars. It also boasts beautiful parks and waterfront views along the Hudson River. With a rich cultural history and a vibrant arts scene, the West Village is a popular destination.


The Jane Hotel

With its prime West Village location, Landmark building, and river views, The Jane is a prime choice for an extended stay in New York. Originally a home for sailors in 1908, it was restored in 2008. The Jane has 100 standard “cabins” and 20 bunk bed cabins that have shared bathrooms, while their two captain’s cabins have en suite bathrooms. The space is inspired by luxury ship and train cabins.

The Marlton Hotel

The Marlton Hotel is located centrally in the West Village. The hotel lobby has a rustic design that contradicts the classically designed suites. The hotel houses a high-end restaurant called the Margaux that provides a cozy environment for guests with wood accents throughout. They offer an espresso and cocktail bar for guests, and residents to enjoy.


Don Angie

Don Angie serves Italian-American classics. The interior has marble accents with rustic bistro-style wood seating.  The restaurant is run by a married couple Angie Rito and Scott Tacinelli. Italian food is elevated through American cuisine with hints of Asian elements. We recommend trying the tonnato vitello, a spicy veal and tuna carpaccio, with barbeque calamari and the sourdough pasta cacciatore with mezcal braised chicken and mussels. For dessert, a classic black cocoa tiramisu garnished with feuilletine is the perfect way to end the meal. To drink, the menu offers house-made root beer amaro and the lolo spritz, a twist on the classic Aperol spritz. 

Boucherie West Village

Boucherie is inspired by the La Belle Epoque era. It is curated perfectly to embody the carefree spirit and philosophy while providing a refined Parisian brasserie experience. The restaurant offers classic French cuisine recipes and classic cocktails re-imagined. It is impossible to skip the classics at the Boucherie. The onion soup followed by the steak frites can be paired with their specialty absinthe-based drinks. Whisper, a yuzu and clementine-based drink, and Provence Martini with hints of lavender are the top choices. 

Via Carota

Via Carota is decorated like an Italian farmhouse creating an authentic Italian dining experience.  Like many Italian restaurants, it is impossible not to try the pastas. In addition to the pasta, the fried rabbit, and svizzerina are favorite dishes amongst guests. All these mouth-watering dishes can be paired with their homemade craft cocktails from martinis to negronis. This popular restaurant has limited reservation spaces. It is suggested to put your name down hours in advance to snag a table at the restaurant. 


Semma brings the soul of Southern India with Chef Vijay Kumar leading the charge. This restaurant explores the heritage of  Southern Indian cuisine. The food explores authentic moments of farm life on ancestral land unapologetically to the plate with explosive flavors and regional ingredients. A lobster-based dish, valiya chemmeen moilee, and Goanese oxtail create a powerful taste on diners’ tongues. These dishes can be paired with coconut-based cocktails, koyya paanam that carries hints of guava, and bourbon-based drink, matka paan old-fashioned.


Buvette Gastrothèque combines the elegance of an old-world café with the relaxed feel of a neighborhood eatery. Buvette is the location to try at any time of day. In the mornings drop by for a fresh croissant and croque madames with a side of coffee on your way from a morning stroll. In the afternoon and dinner times the menu offers steak tartare accompanied best with a glass of champagne or coq au vin followed by a late digestif.  The bar is open for guests who are looking for a quick detour at night. The bar is tucked away in a beautiful, breezy garden by Grove Street. 

Sushi 456

Located on the quiet Hudson Street with its simplistic wooden interiors, Sushi 456 offers Omakase for under $100.  The restaurant offers two routes either a $70 Omakase for 10 pieces or $100 for 15. Pieces like buttery king salmon and amberjack with bits of jalapeño are served at precisely the right melt-in-your-mouth.

Llama San

Llama San provides a calming and luxurious space for dinner guests to enjoy. A perfect date spot for a couple who is feeling adventurous. There are options to choose a la carte dishes from a $95 three-course or $108 four-course prix-fixe with dishes that change over time. The portions are on the smaller side.  The restaurant’s staple dishes are Wagyu nigiri and chicken thigh maki, blanketed in a rich aji amarillo sauce. 


Katana Kitten

Katana Kitten is a funky space that is dimly lit with red lighting. It is a Japanese bar with many highball drink options. Their signature cocktails are Meguroni and Amaretto Sour. They offer small plates to share and house specials. Hot Chicken Sando from their specialty dishes and sticky soy garlic wings from small bites are the way to go.

The Happiest Hour

The Happiest Hour is a whimsical cocktail bar with a line around the block. This popular cocktail bar offers all the classic drinks from daiquiri to espresso martinis. Their “you pick ‘em you pour ‘em” drinks section offers more experimental cocktails ranging from tequila-based maple leaf cocktails and palmetto pear. The bar offers a soundtrack based on current trends that completes the mood.


A modern and trendy take on a beer hall, Talea offers craft beers. Their beers offer simple and smoother drinks that can replace the everyday rose glass.  Talea’s beers are fruit-forward beers with low bitterness that can be shared with friends. 


Better known as the friendly neighborhood bar, Cubbyhole holds great significance in New York’s LGBTQ scene. The green walls, jukebox, and decorative ceilings create a welcoming environment to guests. The bar hosts many events throughout the week perfect for socializing. Every first Sunday, they host a Disco Inferno dance night to kick off the month.  This year they are celebrating 30 years and are coming out with a new list of cocktails to celebrate.


A retro diner-themed bar, Bandits offers an innovative cocktail menu. Every Monday they have their Martini Monday event for a fun way to kick off the work week. On Sundays, the disco ball spins for brunch. Their classic mimosas and gin-based stealing thyme cocktail are the ones to try. 


Pink Olive

Pink Olive has a team of buyers that seek out unique objects that are beautifully crafted and well-thought-out. Their selection ranges from baby gifts to letterpress cards to handmade jewelry. They also carry a selection of original artwork, books, and other vintage pieces carefully selected by the team of buyers. 

Saved New York

Saved New York is a fashion and home accessories store. The pieces found inside the store are carefully curated antiques, art, cashmere home collection and accessories to elevate your outfits. They are the perfect spot to buy housewarming gifts and birthday presents.

Big Night

Big Night carries a selection of ingredients from everyone’s favorite restaurants from all over the world. Anything from olive oil to tinned fish, Big Night has it all. Alternatively, to dinner ingredients, they carry a collection of glassware, table linens, and flatware. It is the perfect place for anyone looking to elevate their hosting skills.

Health & Beauty

Jin Soon

Jin Soon Cjo is a top nail artist and founder of Jin Soon nail salon. The salon carries her own line of saturated nail polishes that are fit for any occasion. She took inspiration from models and stylists she has worked with while naming her products. They offer various hand treatments before starting on your nails. Breath of Milk and Honey, a warm pampering of hands and feet in milk with a scrub to follow, or The Balm of Purity treatment drenches your skin in Vitamin E oil for extra skin barrier repair.

Village Apothecary

A small business that opened its doors 40 years ago in the West Village is best known for the different products they carry while replacing the classic stores like Duane Reade and CVS for pharmaceutical needs. 


Jackson Square

Jackson Square is one of New York City’s oldest parks with a long history. It has a triangular shape with a fountain placed in the center of the park. It is a tiny oasis amongst high-rises and brick buildings in the West Village. The park is an ideal spot for children to play with a jungle gym accessible at all times. 

Christopher Park

Christopher Park is a historical park that housed the LGBT rights movement. With its location conveniently placed across from the Stonewall Inn, it has taken a central role in New York’s history. Christopher Park has always been a location for a diverse group of people to enjoy and many street performers to showcase their talents. 

Fun Activities

Comedy Cellar

Comedy Cellar in New York City is a legendary comedy club. Known for its intimate environment, Comedy Cellar has all the best comedians lined up for guests. It has become a launching pad for many comedians, including Chris Rock and Amy Schumer.  They have nightly shows and occasionally have surprise drop-ins from well-known comedians such as Pete Davidson. 

Friends Apartment Building

The iconic Friends apartment building is located at 90 Bedford Street in the West Village. The exterior shots were featured in every episode before entering Monica’s apartment. This apartment is for fans to witness and relive their cozy memories of the quirky apartment that created wonderful memories for the fans.

Stonewall Inn

The Stonewall Inn is a historic bar that gained worldwide recognition as the site of the Stonewall riots in June 1969. It was a turning point in the LGBTQ+ rights movement in America. It is designated to be a national historic landmark. People are welcome to come in for drinks and dance. They continue to remain a popular destination and play a crucial role in preserving the history of the LGBTQ+


The Ferry

The East River Ferry route is by far the most efficient and fun way to make your way to Williamsburg from DUMBO. It creates opportunities to enjoy the scenic skyline of New York and observe the famous New York City skyline. The ferry stops north of Williamsburg Bridge. 


Williamsburg is accessible by 161, B28 and ADT537 bus services. Additionally, the 1, 2, A and F trains can be taken to reach your destination. 


Walking from the Lower East Side, Soho, Chelsea and Greenwich Village is a possible way of making your way to the West Village. Walking next to pre-war buildings complimented by the new infrastructures of the industrial-style buildings will give you an opportunity to take in New York all at once.

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