Whether you’re new to the New York real estate industry or a seasoned veteran, Platinum Properties can offer you a competitive opportunity to grow your business.

We felt the agents’ platform was broken, says Platinum Properties COO Dezireh Eyn, adding, We wanted a platform to elevate our production and provide instant credibility.

If you have entrepreneurial ambition and you’re looking for competitive splits, less restricted marketing budgets and the embrace of creative ideas, we’d like to hear from you.

Leadership Opportunities

Platinum Properties offers leadership opportunities for experienced agents with entrepreneurial drive. Partner with us and we’ll help structure your team, allowing you to focus on where you excel—winning new business and earning an override.


We view our agents as partners, so Platinum Properties begins investing in you from day one. We guide new agents through all state licensing requirements, and when you’re ready to pitch that first exclusive, a manager is available to support you through the process. You’ll attend the Platinum Properties Partnership Training Program, a comprehensive one-week in-house course that walks you from lead generation to closing. Taught by the industry’s most respected mentors, this program has empowered our agents to complete some of the largest transactions in New York City history.

Education & Inspiration

After completing thousands of transactions, we know the most effective ways to advertise a property. As a Platinum Properties associate, you will too. Your growth is important to us, so we’ll arm you with a road map to success by helping you write an individual business plan. Since a strong referral system is key to growing your business, our company’s social media consultant can teach you how to leverage your network to generate leads. We’ll show you how to initiate, negotiate and close transactions while securing the best terms for your clients. Immerse yourself in the market as we escort you on a building tour, where you’ll learn inventory at various price points—and the nuances of the New York neighborhoods where you’ll be doing business.

Continued Growth

Our investment in you never stops. To ensure your continued development, we sponsor our agents to attend Broker Heaven, the top real estate training school in New York. New and experienced agents stay out in front of the market through our multiple in-house residential sales and rental seminars, held throughout the month. We’re here to grow your business, and are always available to answer questions whenever new situations arise.

Our Formula

Platinum Properties is committed to being a full-service solution for our customers. We’ve seen rental customers grow into $20MM clients and we’ve grown with them. “Our formula is based on hard work, unwavering professionalism, market knowledge and top-notch service,” adds Dezireh Eyn.

Meet a Few of our Colleagues

“I started off not knowing much about the business beyond my enthusiasm. I’ve learned inventory, negotiation tactics, landlords, getting a sense of the marketplace and the market. It’s more of a family feel, not a big box brokerage, and there’s a lot of hands-on treatment, and a lot of referrals handed throughout the company.”
Cash Bernard
A licensed sales and rental agent at Platinum Properties since 2010.

“Platinum has a fresh and vibrant culture with a high level of professionalism. It’s an intimate environment that provides me with the same access to resources as a big box brokerage would. I am proud of Platinum’s integrity, as the firm is dedicated to making our clients feel comfortable with their decisions when it comes to their real estate needs. We are focused on building strong relationships, not just transactions.”
Jesse Klein

“In my time at Platinum, not only has my knowledge and expertise grown, but I’ve been incredibly impressed with how Platinum continues to grow and change. The company is forward thinking and constantly innovating, all in an atmosphere of camaraderie and friendly competition.”
Teresa Stephenson

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