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Living in Bronx Apartments in NYC

The Bronx is the northernmost of the five boroughs of New York City. Coextensive with Bronx County, it was the last of the 62 counties of New York State to be incorporated. Located north of Manhattan and Queens, and south of Westchester County, the Bronx is the only borough that is located primarily on the mainland.

Prominent shopping areas in the Bronx include Fordham Road, Bay Plaza in Co-op City, The Hub, the Riverdale/Kingsbridge shopping center, and Bruckner Boulevard. Shops are also concentrated on streets aligned underneath elevated railroad lines, including Westchester Avenue, White Plains Road, Jerome Avenue, Southern Boulevard, and Broadway.

The Bronx offers a vibrant community with deep cultural roots and an artistic history that is still present within the area's creative spirit. The neighborhood offers a plethora of art, culture, and entertainment attractions, as well as numerous natural and recreational spaces. This down-to-earth locale provides convenient transportation, delightful shopping and many diverse dining options. The Bronx community is made up of professionals, students, and families who are drawn to the area because of its residential appeal, safe and kind-hearted environment, and peaceful atmosphere. This area is home to many longtime residents that truly value the quality of the neighborhood and work to maintain it. Bronx locals constantly celebrate their community pride through enjoyable public events. With amazing parks, beautiful river views, perfectly situated shopping districts, historical sites, and endless museums and theatres, the Bronx is a top-notch, NYC locale that residents love to call home!

Bronx Real Estate

The Bronx has an extremely diverse real estate market with many excellent buying, renting, and investment opportunities. With such a huge supply of Bronx apartments available, there’s a immense range of prices for both rentals and sales. Rentals start around $1,000/month and can reach over $10,000/month. There are also many Bronx properties for sale, up to over $ 10 Million – but extremely affordable properties can be found for under $50k.

Bronx schools & education


The Bronx area hosts numerous private, public, and charter schools. The area is served by New York City Geographic Districts #10 and #11, which host many specialized, high-demand schools that feature specified courses of study. Bronx schools are known for dynamic administrative leadership, high-quality facilities as well as family and community involvement. Living in NYC’s Bronx area offers a wide-range of academic offerings.

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