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Largest nearby city: New York city, New York

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Murray Hill Median Sale Price

Q4 2023 Median Sales Price

-6% From Q3 2023







Comparison data is vs. same period prior year. Bar chart data represents either Full Year Median or point-in-time Median Data for the current year.

Murray Hill apartments

Living in Murray Hill Apartments in NYC

Due to Murray Hill’s proximity to the United Nations headquarters and the availability of stately neighborhood properties, several national embassies and representative missions operate in Murray Hill. Murray Hill has an amazing location in the center of Manhattan along the East River, bordering the Midtown and Flatiron neighborhoods. This locale is perfect for NYC professionals seeking a quality community with all-around convenience and affordability. The area features an exciting nightlife that coexists perfectly with its peaceful, residential culture.

The communal appeal of Murray Hill is made even more convenient by the availability of transit options, allowing resident to commute by foot, car, train, or ferry with ease, as well as the presence of restaurants, cafes, markets and retail stores found throughout the area. Murray Hill offers a full range of diverse housing options, many featuring picturesque scenery with abundant foliage, riverfront access and breathtaking skyline views. Murray Hill has a welcoming community and the locale blends luxury and affordability, offering a leisurely and genuine New York City experience.

Murray Hill NYC Apartments

There are a number of great options for apartments in Murray Hill NYC, no matter your needs or budget. Affordable and luxury Murray Hill apartments are available for rent anywhere from $1,800 to $30,000. There are also many Murray Hill luxury apartments available for sale—some listed for up to $35 Million or more—but many affordable Murray Hill properties do exist, starting in the $300,000 range.

Murray Hill schools & education

Murray Hill schools are well-respected and deeply ingrained within the community. The area is served by New York City Geographic District #2, which contains some of the most sought-after schools in NYC. Murray Hill students have access to a number of early childhood education programs, as well as specialized programs for high-performing students and individualized support. Neighborhood students also have access to schools focusing on specific areas of study. These progressive educational institutions continuously strive to meet student needs and push them towards optimal achievement.

Murray Hill lifestyle & culture

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