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Just steps away from any West Village apartment, you can catch a show at the Cherry Lane Theater, New York's oldest continuously running off-Broadway theater. From there, it’s easy to make a quick stop by the nearby Minetta Tavern for their famous Black Label Burger, specially created by celebrity butcher Pat LaFrieda. West Village is in some ways the center of the bohemian lifestyle on NYC’s West Side, even being previously referred to as "Little Bohemia."

The West Village is a fashionable Lower Manhattan neighborhood with creative roots, a busy atmosphere, and an intimate community. The area hosts a dining scene that offers an infinite number of cuisines in varied styles of dining, from casual eateries to distinguished, fine dining establishments. The area maintains an exciting nightlife and has a reputation as an excellent, high-end shopping destination. Residents are grateful to live in this locale because of its family-friendly, residential appeal as well as its convenient location with easy commuting options and close proximity to other fun, high-profile Manhattan neighborhoods.

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The West Village neighborhood has a unique style and image that sets it apart from other area’s of NYC. The abundant foliage, historical architecture, and well-maintained streets give this locale a distinct charm. West Village Living offers residents the opportunity to live a classy lifestyle that is simultaneously fast-paced and relaxing. West Village real estate is made up of a selection of classic brownstones, cozy walk-ups, and luxury apartment buildings, all of which are in consistently high-demand. West Village is the perfect place to live for those who value safety and comfort while having unlimited activity at their fingertips.

West Village apartments in NYC have quite a broad range of price points to suit almost any buyer or renter. Affordable West Village apartment rentals are available for about $2,200 - $2,300/month, while West Village real estate sales listings typically start below $450k. There are also many West Village luxury apartments on the market, renting for as much as $30,000 - $40,000 or more and selling for upwards of $40-$50 Million.

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The West Village neighborhood offers residents access to many high-quality public, private, and charter schools. Schools in the area reflect the distinguished character of the West Village community. The West Village is served by New York City Geographic Districts # 2, which has a strong reputation for top-ranking schools that focus on innovative teaching methodologies, community engagement, family involvement and high-levels of student support. The district is also highly praised due to its dedicated staff and accessible administration. West Village schools offer specialized programs for gifted students as well as individualized courses of study that are aimed at meeting the specific needs of students. The neighborhood also hosts some world-famous universities. West Village living offers the full gamut of educational opportunities.

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