Rental Investment Management

Our rental investment management program aims to provide a solution for investors of one or more single properties with the goal of leasing the apartment and collecting rent from it. Our full service management program will handle every step of the process to ensure that all our owners need to worry about is receiving a check every month.

These services include:

  • Qualify any potential tenants with credit, income, and asset requirements
  • Draft lease agreements and riders to ensure our clients are well protected
  • Coordinate move in walk through with tenant to note any existing damage
  • Invoice for rent monthly
  • Collect rent monthly
  • Pay all expenses including but not limited to maintenance, HOA fees, property taxes, etc.
  • Bid out any repairs or maintenance to be completed and ensure pricing is as competitive as possible
  • Coordinate seasonal maintenance of the HVAC and heating systems
  • Provide detailed monthly reports indicating income and expenses incurred
  • Hold tenant security deposits as required by law
  • Handle all tenant issues and inquiries
  • In the event of tenant default, pursue legal action to recoup any outstanding fund

Walk Through/Handover Service

As part of our offering, we will handle the pre-closing inspections for our overseas clients. During this process we liaise with the seller’s agent to conduct a full inspection of the property. We will create a detailed report including photographs and descriptions of any items that need to be remedied prior to closing.

Private Label Management

Our most personalized and customized package is for an owner who uses the apartment as a second home. As part of this service we will accommodate any and all requests on the owner’s behalf. Detailed below are some of the more commonly requested items however, this can be customized to each client’s preference.

  • Coordinate cleanings with client’s preferred vendor (if no preference, we will use our cleaning service)
  • When requested, arrange and coordinate for groceries to be ordered and stocked in the apartment as per customer’s specifications
  • Maintain all service contracts with vendors for property
  • Coordinate seasonal maintenance of the HVAC and heating systems
  • Appliance warranty registration and upkeep
  • Update and maintenance of home automation systems
  • Coordinate monthly inspections of the property and provide written reports when necessary detailing any damages
  • Inclement weather planning and inspection
  • Coordinate payment of real estate taxes (if needed)
  • Coordinate payment of common charges (if needed)
  • Guest Service coordination and accommodation
  • Maintain the recurring supply stock in the apartment (basic essentials needed – toilet paper, toothpaste, etc.)
  • Attend any and all vendor meetings and provide notices or reports when necessary
  • Maintain a cloud server with all bills, vendor, contracts, etc.
  • Accounting services
  • Attend board meetings on the owner’s behalf when requested and provide detailed minutes
  • For any and all maintenance/repairs – negotiate or bid out contracts to ensure competitive pricing
  • Insurance claim coordination and servicing
  • Arrange private drivers when needed
  • Private chefs – Concierge company