I had an end-to-end wonderful experience with Suzanne Remy Colton as my buyer’s agent. She was knowledgeable, honest, hard-working, quick to respond, and a generally awesome person! During the first phase of searching, Suzanne put in the leg work to find a number of quality options in the Upper Manhattan area of Hudson Heights. She helped me ask the right questions, look at each place with a discerning eye, and was a great facilitator. Once I found the place I wanted, Suzanne negotiated flawlessly and got me the price I was looking for! She was very familiar with the application process (a huge plus since I was buying into a coop) and made it very efficient and speedy. She communicated well not only with me, but with the multiple other parties that are involved when buying into a coop building. I happily recommend Suzanne as a real estate agent and would use her again in a heartbeat!