As a household with a lot of weirdly specific needs, Crysta took every single one into consideration and never once made us feel like our expectations were unreasonable or impossible. I’ve worked with what feels like countless agents, all of which made me feel as though me and my requests were inconvenient. Crysta on the other hand took each one as a personal challenge and I truly believed her when she said she was going to do her best to find us the best. Not only that, but she is also an absolutely delightful person who genuinely made what is typically a stressful process, a fun and enjoyable journey. She was responsive and managed to make me feel like finding us a new home was the most important thing in her life. I’m incredibly grateful for her and I know I will recommend her to anyone I know who may be looking for their new home. If and when we ever move in the future, I sure hope she’s still in the business because she’ll be the first person I call!