My friends and I recently worked with Teresa Stephenson to find our first Manhattan apartment and we’re thrilled to have found the perfect place! After meeting with other unimpressive brokers from different agencies, we were feeling a bit discouraged. That all changed when we met Teresa.

We ended up signing a lease for the first apartment she showed us. It completely met all of our requirements that we had discussed with her and actually exceeded our expectations.

She was extremely professional from beginning to end and was a pleasure to work with! After showing us the apartment she took us to see a couple of other options that also met our requirements. Then after we decided to move forward with the first listing, she stayed with us to ensure that we got it. It was a popular apartment and there were other groups interested in bringing a check that same day, but with her help we were able to beat the other groups to it. She then made sure that all of our paperwork was correct and walked through the entire application process with us while also acting as a liaison between the landlord and listing agent for us.

Teresa really went above and beyond and was really fun to work with! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great apartment in the city!