I recently learned that Blackhouse Development set their eyes on West Chelsea to erect two ultra-lux buildings with unheard-of features in the current NYC real estate sales market. The exclusive residences in one of the two buildings are rumored to feature 18-foot ceilings, superior finishes and, most importantly, private swimming pools. Let me say it again. PRIVATE swimming pools. In each apartment. With views of the Hudson and High Line park. The second building will also have extra-high ceilings and custom interior designs. Why would an owner want 12 to 18-foot ceilings, you may ask? To display prominent artwork, of course.

The project is set to start early next year and end by 2016. My guess is, no matter how high the pricing is, the condos will be sold out before the building is cleared for occupancy. These apartments are a dream for a foreign investor or a Manhattan “real estate trophy” collector. Just when we thought One57 compiled everything a real estate connoisseur would want, savvy architects present a product that exceeds everyone’s expectations.