New York City is going green! From recycling to bike riding and at-home energy saving, it does only take one person to make a change. If we collectively do our small part for the planet, the bigger effect will benefit our kids and the overall future of our homes and health.

The challenge New Yorkers face is that we are such a busy city with a momentum that never stops, so it’s hard to absorb the fact that just one of us can make a difference. It is possible though! Remember you can share this knowledge and have others reverse the damage we are currently doing to the planet. A little goes a long way in New York City.

Be part of the change with these Green tips we can all start doing today:


Many boroughs of NYC have instituted recycling programs and require households to abide. If we take these guideline seriously in our homes and teach them to our kids, families can create recycling routines that will definitely make a difference in the long-run.

Buy local

Buying food locally is trending as a more nutritious way to eat and cook with fresher, locally-grown ingredients. The greenest part of  buying local produce is the delivery process: less travel time, less gas used, and less need to preserve food with either chemicals or electricity. Support your local farmer’s market or fruit stand!


Thanks to prgrams like CitiBike, NYC is responding heavily to bike sharing programs as many people are biking to work, appointments, errands, or even weekends rides up and down Manhattan. Accordingly, the city has mandated stricter bike laws for on-street riders, requiring safety measures such as riding lanes, reflective night gear, and proper signaling.

Green Cleaning

As you know, most cleaning products contain harsh chemicals. Once discarded, many of the residual chemicals can seep into the ground, the dirt, and eventually into our water supply. There are a plethora of products on the market now that are “green clean.” We can also clean just as well with everyday items such as white vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice without all the harsh chemical effects. Search online for ways to keep your home both clean and green.

Together we can all make a change by going green!